Alpine Masters

Team Summit Colorado Masters is an adult racing training program to expose and advance adults to the fun and excitement of alpine ski racing. Open to adults starting at age 18 through, so far 84 yrs. old. This program will develop the skills of an aspiring and experienced racer racing the Rocky Mountain Master’s Racing Series. We will welcome anyone who wants to improve their skiing.

The program is directed towards building the individuals skills and tactics in and out of the race course. A focus on building the overall skier with the advantage of using the race course to build accuracy and timing to using the Mountain to develop versatility and balance. Participants will actively be involved with the team to improve the overall experience of all athletes on Team Summit Colorado.


Full time:

  • Weekday afternoons and weekend Mornings, Oct 20 (snow dependent) – End of March


Race Only:

  • Weekday Afternoons and Weekend Mornings, Nov 15 – April 1: Thanksgiving, X-mas holiday included.


Punch Pass and Drop in:

  • 10 punch, 5 punch, or daily drop in available.


Master’s Training Calendar

Matt Fox / Masters Head Coach / P 970.968.3080 /