Big Mountain Skiing Update - 12/6 & 12/9 - Back to Copper this week!


Back to Copper this week.


12/6 Copper ski, possibly barn
12/7 Copper recovery (no ski)
12/9 Copper ski, possibly barn

General Notes

I'm amazed by this group right now.  The talent level is pretty ridiculous, so let's keep up the strong work and growth mindset.  If you're going to miss a training - which I sincerely hope you don't - please communicate this with me.  The season is long, but not that long.

I've taken some extra steps this year to make a more well-rounded academy program, and focus on our total development rather than just skiing.  Wednesdays in particular are not a hall pass to skip out, as we have some very valuable work to do.

With that being said....

Wednesday (and Wednesdays for the foreseeable future)

Bring workout attire, and gather your most recent skiing clips.  We can try and get some footage on Tuesday for those of you that are lacking.  We'll spend majority of our afternoon with light to moderate workouts, mobility, psychological tactics, and film review.  Then we'll go chuck our bodies around the barn.

SHS Finals Week

I'm going to just take the confusion out of it - SHS students will not have training on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  Focus on your schoolwork, skiing will be there later.  Athletes at SMS will be picked up and dropped off at normal times.

See you tomorrow!

Daniel McFadden
Head Big Mountain Coach