Big Mountain Skiing Update - 2/13-2/19

Some early snowfall is coming down from these next couple of storms that are incoming.  Skiing around the county should be quite good this week and into the weekend.

With the conclusion of the Copper events, we'll be shifting back to Abasin on a more permanent basis, minus the odd trainings at Breck as we approach the event over there.  Breck trainings will be optional, and will coincide with trainings at Abasin.

We had an amazing showing at the Copper National.  Thomas, Maddie, and Reid all qualified 1st in their respective divisions.  All 15-18 boys qualified, but the cut-line didn't quite swing in our favor for 15-18 girls.  Ultimately, Maddie and Hannah ended up 1st and 2nd for 12-14 girls, Parker Gray 7th 12-14 boys.  All 15-18 boys crashed in their finals runs, but went down swinging; in addition to Hunter.  Morgan Fields made a big leap from 10th to 4th, and Lili qualified for her first finals.

We only brought 5 athletes to the regional, but had some great success.  Hannah, once again, claimed the top spot by over 3 points in the 12-14 girls field, which would have also gotten her 1st in 12-14 boys, 15-18 girls, and 4th place in 15-18 boys.  Rudy managed to finish a run, and claim the 2nd spot in 15-18 boys.  Reese went absolutely huge, Jaxon gained some confidence, and Holly managed to squeeze into 3rd place in her first 12-14 comp.

Below are links to the videos from all competition days at Copper for your viewing pleasure.  I'll try my best to upload the future comp runs, but there's a good chance I'll get behind with my upcoming travels.

Copper 12-14 Quals
Copper Finals
Copper Regional


2/14 - Breck - No SHS van pickup due to NWEA testing
2/15 - Abasin - normal van pickup
2/17 - Abasin - normal van pickup
2/18 - Abasin 9AM-3PM
2/19 - Abasin 9AM-2PM

Upcoming Competitions

Crested Butte U12 & Regionals

Austin and Kieran will be manning this event for the U12, and both volumes of the Regional event.  Expect communication from Austin in the near future regarding this event

Monarch U12

Once again, Austin and Kieran will be handling this event.  Austin will send out communication for this one as well.

Taos U12 & Regionals

Max, Wade, and possibly Austin will be covering the event down South.  For those of you that I communicated with regarding Volume 1, I'll be following back up in the coming days.

Future Training Cancellations

At this point, the only weekend I can moderately say that we will not have training will be March 3rd, 4th, and 5th as we'll be traveling for both the Taos and Kirkwood national comps.  There's a 50/50 chance that we'll have home training if I can wrangle additional coaches.

Thank you for your patience in these fast-moving times.  I'll be jumping into the judges pit for the first time on Wednesday (and possibly Thursday) for the adult 2* event at Breckenridge.  Wish my toes and fingers good luck!

Daniel McFadden
Head Big Mountain Coach