Personal Podiums: Park & Pipe

Naomi Lyman has been working to take her 360 to bigger jumps this season, and learned them on medium line 2 and 3 this week! Her 360s are looking so solid and controlled, and she's working hard to get more repetition on this trick. Way to go Naomi!

Tyrn Lifgren locked in his right cork 720 this week on the medium jump line, which is his unnatural way of spinning. Tyrn has been working toward this goal all season, between on snow training and going into Woodward to practice on the trampolines and blades. @tsk8life3

Jaxon Haser has been putting in a ton of work this season! Jaxon's coach Tyler says that Jaxon always has an extremely positive attitude and has been putting in a ton of work this season, truly trusting the process. @jaxon_haser

Jaxson Zimski has been working all season toward the goal of landing a switch cork 540. This trick takes a lot of trusting the process and airbag work to get into it. Jaxson stayed committed to this goal by working in both the Woodward barn, on the airbag at Copper and he landed it first try! @jaxson_fullsend