Team Summit believes in NDG

NDG Women: An Update

The Women’s National Development Group has been busy. After a ten-day camp at Mt. Hood, they gathered again for seven days of fitness training and education at the USANA Center of Excellence in Park City. 

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Buchheister has strong opinions.

Stella Buchheister is an up-and-coming skier from the Team Summit program in Colorado. Like the other NDG athletes, she valued her time training with the women’s U.S. Ski Team. But she wants to share an exciting experience. Buchheister said, “We felt like we weren’t just visitors. They made us feel like we were part of their team. It motivated us to push ourselves in everything we did. And that is the biggest takeaway from the camps.” 

Buchheister continued to comment on the quality of the staff. She says,” They had a very clear, well-designed plan. And they had great information to share. Even in Mt. Hood, including the weather, it was one of the best camps I have been to. I learned so much.” Buchheister also rated the camps 10 out of 10.

Team Summit believes in NDG

Aldo Radamus, Team Summit’s Alpine Director, commented on the value of the NDG projects. Radamus says, “Team Summit always recommends that when athletes get invited to NDG projects, they make every effort to attend. Correspondingly, the opportunity to introduce athletes to National Team athletes, their coaching staff and the environment are invaluable to the process of their ongoing development as athletes and young men and women. We value the input they receive from other coaches than those they are exposed to daily and learn to process and apply that input to their skiing. These experiences help them become independent and self-reliant, strengthening the ownership they take in their sport and progress.”

Mt. Hood athletes included:

  • Sophia Palmquist               2005  Team Summit Colorado
  • Stella Buchheister              2006  Team Summit Colorado