Alpine Ability and Age Class Update – August 27, 2023

Dear Team Summit Alpine Ability and Age Class Teams and All Alpine Age Class and Ability Coaches:


The Fall conditioning program begins this week on Monday for Ability Athletes and Tuesday for Age Class Athletes!


The conditioning times and information are posted in the Age Class Team Calendar for U14 and Younger and the Ability Calendar for U16 and older in Playmetrics. The conditioning program is available to all registered Alpine athletes whether signed up for full-time or part-time programs. 


Age Class training is led by Head Coach Jared Hedges at various venues depending on the activity. 


Ability Class training is directed by Human Performance Director Jack Farrell and led by Ability Coach Heath Colon. Nearly all sessions will take place at the Rosener Human Performance Center.


PLEASE indicate your plans to attend training in Playmetrics. Knowing your plans is important for the coaches to properly plan training, know when to expect you and to facilitate communication of any schedule changes or other details. Alerts for specific training sessions will be sent to those athlete contacts who have indicated their plans to attend the specific session.


You can quickly indicate your plans by clicking on the “Set Attendance” button on the “calendar” page and choose which sessions will be “Attending” or “Not Attending”. Thank YOU for helping your coaches be organized for your training.


School Van Shuttle

Team Summit vans are utilized to shuttle interested students from their schools to training beginning with conditioning and throughout the season. The Age Class Van Shuttle is organized and driven by Head Coach Jared Hedges. The Ability Van Shuttle is volunteer organized and driven.


Age Class Van Shuttle – The pick-up schedule is in the Playmetrics Calendar. Please contact Jared with any questions.


Ability Class Van Shuttle - Mary Gillman is coordinating the parent volunteer Ability school shuttle. Please reach out to Mary Gillman: to indicate your anticipated need for the Team Van throughout the season. 


Although many of the Ability athletes may be able to drive, please consider there may not be convenient and free parking readily available on all days at our training venues throughout the winter.


You must register for the “Alpine Van Fee” through Playmetrics to participate in the School Van Shuttle. Click on “Club Programs”, find “Alpine Van Fee 2023-24” and click on “Register”. There are 1, 2, 3 and 4 day options available according to your needs. Fees cover expenses including maintenance and depreciation.


Always feel free to reach out to your Head Coach, other Team Summit contact, or me when we can help you with anything or just to catch up!




Aldo Radamus


Alpine Director



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Aldo Radamus

Alpine Director