Alpine Updates - August 20, 2021


Instant Messaging for any last minute program changes will be done utilizing Team Snap Alerts. These will be used sparingly and only in unavoidable situations.
The “Chat” feature can be used by members to coordinate rides or dinners, find missing items, etc. but will NOT be monitored or responded to by coaches.
It is important that you update your account with current information and choose how you wish to receive notifications and communications.
Voice, Email and Text
Private conversations with coaches can take place in person, by phone or by text. Please make every effort to find the necessary information in the calendar, regular updates or on the Team Summit website before reaching out with questions. Please schedule a meeting for important conversations and respect coaches’ personal time and regular work hours. Coaches are asked to respond to messages within 48 hours whenever possible.
Meetings and Education
Organized team meetings in person or via video call are scheduled periodically to provide program information and education on topics such as program philosophy, equipment preparation, race procedures and so forth. Please try to participate in these meetings or review recordings to reduce the need for individual calls or follow up.
Conditioning Update
Ski Racing Devo
SRD will again offer several Washington Park and Summit County dryland training sessions throughout the fall to connect with athletes, re-establish friendships and participate in some fun physical activities. Head Coach Samantha Streletsky will communicate details with SRD families.
Age Class
Full-Time Academy racers will have dryland training three times per week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays beginning on August 31 from 2:00-4:15. Activities include Cardio, Strength, Flexibility and Games. Optional Saturday sessions are planned to incorporate Part-Time skiers. Daily details will be posted in the TeamSnap Calendar.
Van transportation will be available for Age Class athletes from SMS and the Peak School to conditioning and on-snow training.
*Full - Time (Academy) Programs include 3 x weekly dryland training. Part-Time program participants may participate when possible.