The George Hufsmith Award - Riley Hughes


George Hufsmith Award

For Love & Passion of the Sport

Riley Hughes

Riley Hughes has the "Eye of the Tiger".

His long term goals keep him incredibly focused for such a young man. His enthusiasm for training, jumping, conditioning, trampoline, and especially competing is impressive.  His coaches usually have to tell him to shut it down. 

The 19/20 season saw Riley move into the competitive division of Rocky Mountain Freestyle, (a division including Summit, Vail, Aspen, Steamboat Springs, Winter Park, Telluride, and Purgatory).  With his dedication, he was honored with the RMF Rookie of the Year Award in February.  This is an incredible honor in such a tough division.

Riley's passion and energy for mogul skiing is contagious, making him a crucial member of the team. His coaches are excited to see what he does throughout his career.  We all know Riley will go far.

Congratulations Riley!

George Hufsmith Award for “Love & Passion” for the Sports

George Hufsmith’s wish was for a scholarship to be established in his name to assist Copper Mountain Ski Team athletes who demonstrated his same “love and passion” for the sport. George was once a kid who showed some promise as an elite athlete, but because he lacked resources, he was unable to pursue his dreams. Prior to his death of rare disease, the Club had no knowledge of George, but George knew about the Team because he often skied at Copper Mountain and “loved watching the kids in the red coats training very hard.” His widow established the award in memory of George, and at one time, the award also included a scholarship for summer camps or projects.  This award is presented to one athlete in each discipline who has shown consistent “love and passion” for the sport.

Owen Cook
Ella Kirschner


Liam Pilarowski


Riley Hughes


Zander Davidson