Snowboard Updates - August 24, 2020

Hey Everybody,

With back to school marks the end of most of our summer programming.  Our Summer Programming was not just a success because we got something done with COVID restrictions, It was a success due to participation, time on snow, and new skills learned.  Believe it or not, we start our winter season in 2 weeks with Academy programs on September 8th.

Winter 2020/2021 Registration is open in Campminder.  We currently have way more kids registered this year compared to the same time last season.  If you are not registered please ask your questions now and let's get everyone signed up early so that we can ensure a spot for everyone that wants one.  Go to and login to CampMinder to sign up (there is no money due at the time of sign up until Oct. 15th).

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is something we usually only talk about with our older more full-time snowboarders.  With COVID restrictions, I think it is worth mentioning this year.  Some programs and activities are being canceled, shortened, and restricted this fall.  Fall sports are a good way for kids to get ready for the winter season.  Please keep an eye on your kid's fitness (and yourselves) this fall.  Hiking, biking, and general field sports with family is a great way to keep them engaged and ready to snowboard all weekend.

Air Bag September 11-13

We will be headed to the Park City airbag on Sept. 11-13th.  We are not providing lodging or Transportation to this camp.  here is the bag schedule:
September 11- 6pm-8pm (you can leave Summit County at 7am and make it to Park City by 3-4pm)
September 12th 9-11am and 2-4pm
September 13th 9-11am (you can leave at noon and make it back to Summit County by 7-8pm)
Please let me know if you will be attending by August 31.  The cost is $400 and we need 5 to make it run. 

All Athletes must be comfortable on medium/large jumps.  Sign up is in CampMinder at

Thank you,