Team Summit Alpine Ability and Age Class Update – September 20, 2023

Dear Team Summit Age Class and Ability Parents; All Ability Athletes; Age Class and Ability Coaches:


Whether playing fall sports, being active and getting fit for the season or participating in Team Summit Conditioning with Jared, Jack and Heath, I hope you’re enjoying the fall and looking forward to getting on snow as soon as a month from today!


Both the Age Class and Ability Calendars are now updated in Playmetrics through the Early Season Training Period from October 20 to December 10. Please review your personal schedules and indicate whether you will be “Attending” or “Not Attending” each of the offered training sessions through December 10.


The Ability – FIS and Ability – U16 calendars are also updated with the race calendars including Divisional, Regional and National events that may be on your individual schedules. In Age Class, the Age Class – U14 calendar is updated with races and the U12 and U10 races will be added ASAP.


Fall training can be very fluid depending on successful snowmaking allowing terrain to be opened as projected, changing demands from the more than 100 different teams who are visiting Summit County from around the world and unexpected force majeure events. Schedules are subject to change at the last moment! All schedule changes will be communicated in the form of “Alerts” in Playmetrics that will be sent to those athletes and their contacts who’re impacted. Scheduled training times and meeting locations vary depending on the assigned timeslot and location of training. Please consult the calendar regularly to ensure that you are in the right place at the right time. Thank you all in advance for your diligence, understanding and support.


Please be as accurate as possible with recording your plans. Team Summit has booked lanes throughout this period anticipating what the attendance will be. Excess lanes that are unnecessarily booked can cost our club in excess of $1,000 each. It is important that we know how many athletes we will have at each training session. Please indicate your attendance plans through December 10 by this Sunday September 24.


The RMD webpage is your source for the race calendars, race announcements qualification procedures and other sport information:


Please read on below for more important information!


Also In This Update:

- Financial Aid Application Deadline September 30


Your coaches are looking forward to seeing you all on snow soon!


Aldo Radamus


Alpine Director



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Financial Aid Application Deadline September 30

Team Summit provides financial aid to help with the cost of program fees for those who need support. Application deadline for 2023-24 winter programs is September 30.


Team Summit has a new application for financial aid administered by a third party. Please email for more information.