Team Summit Alpine Weekend Update – November 10, 2023

Dear Team Summit Ski Racing Devo | Comp, Age Class and Ability Parents; All Ability Athletes; Alpine Coaches:

In addition to our Ability and Age Class Teams training in Copper or A-Basin, we have a full slate of activities this weekend!

Family Orientation is taking place throughout the day on Saturday at the Copper Conference Center: plan to attend your program-specific sessions to learn much of what you need to know to participate in this year's programs, race calendars, communication and other important Team Summit Colorado - Alpine information!


9:00-9:45 Competition Program Welcome – CB Bechtel, TSC Executive Director

10:00-11:00 Alpine Ability and Age Class Comp. Program structure and philosophy – Aldo Radamus, TSC Alpine Director *(Includes Age Class and Ability Break-out Sessions).


1:00-1:45 Intro and Devo. Program Welcome – CB Bechtel, TSC Executive Director

2:00-3:30 Ski Racing Devo|Comp Program Infformation – Samantha Streletsky, Head Devo|Comp Coach


ImPACT Baseline Testing: Team Summit requires all athletes 12 and older to complete baseline Impact testing. Impact Testing creates a baseline to be able to use for return to sport protocols for any athletes suffering a concussion. As young brains are developing rapidly, it is important for testing to be administered annually.


Testing will be offered throughout the day during Team Summit Family Orientation on November 11 Athletes must have their own laptop (please remember your power cord). The cost is $20.00 cash or check made out to Vail Summit Orthopedics (VSO).


Team Summit Ski Swap is taking place all weekend at the Copper Conference Center. 


The ski swap is a great place to sell outgrown equipment and buy new or used equipment for the season at great prices! Coaches will be available at various times throughout the day Saturday to help make equipment selections.


For questions, please reach out to your respective Head Coach or members of the administrative team as indicated in the contacts below.




Contacts for your Head Coach and Administration:








Membership Services:

​Academic Services:

Athletic Trainers:


Aldo Radamus

Alpine Director