Intro to Team Summit (ITS)

Our goal is to elevate athletes so they have the opportunity to flourish in life skills and achieve their personal podiums. Team Summit is proud to have nurtured athletes who have competed in World Championships, the X Games, and the Olympics. Ready for your student athlete to experience world-class training, develop life long friendships, and develop the pride that comes with being able to rock any part of the mountain?
Take the first step with Team Summit Colorado.

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Student-athletes in the Intro to Team Summit program range from 7-12 years old.

  • Skiers: PSIA Level 6 which includes parallel skiing on blue and easy black terrain. 
  • Snowboarders: Able to link turns with consistent rhythm and flow.
  • All Athletes: High level of independence on chairlifts and while lapping the training venue solo.

All Athletes: Independently responsible for own equipment. 


Saturday Program: One day a week for 15 weeks beginning the 1st Saturday in December through mid-March. No training President’s Day weekend (February). Athletes can compete in four Summit Foundation Cups. See the COMPETITION tab for more details.

Sunday Program: One day a week for 15 weeks beginning the 1st Sunday in December through mid-March. No training President’s Day weekend (February). Athletes can compete in four Summit Foundation Cups. See the COMPETITION tab for more details. There will be no training on the four Summit Cup days (which are on Sundays), therefore tuition is lower for the Sunday Program.

ITS Calendar

Intro to Snowboard Calendar


Choose your home mountain: Arapahoe Basin, Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, or Keystone. To know more about meeting locations and parking on the resorts visit our Logistics Page.

Logistics Page



2024/2025 Program Cost: 

Saturdays - $1,835.00

Sundays - $1,525.00


Team Summit Explorers - $450.00

Zeke's Shredders - $108.00


ITS athletes are offered the choice to participate in 4 Summit Cup competitions. Summit Cups are held on Sundays throughout the season and are open only to introductory level athletes.  Competitions provide the perfect opportunity for your athlete to experience various competitive disciplines. All 4 Summit Cups are held on Sundays, so they do not conflict with the regular Saturday training schedule. A week or two prior to each Summit Cup, we open registration and distribute the Fact Sheet. The Fact Sheet contains all logistical information for the upcoming competition.

Download our PDF to see what a Summit Cup day is like. 

Summit Cup Competition Day


The ITS program exposes your winter athlete to all facets of on-mountain competition. We help your athlete choose a path upon mastering fundamentals such mastering fundamentals such as proper stance, pressure, edging, rotary, and balance while sampling (GS gates), varied terrain (moguls, trees, and off-piste), and skill versatility (big mountain along with park and pipe).


Team Summit embraces the US Ski and Snowboard training system for developing lifelong athletes.

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Your Team Summit athlete will receive a complimentary Team Summit jacket every two seasons.  These exclusive jackets both promote our sponsors and identify your athlete while they are on the mountain.  We require athletes to wear their jackets during training and competitions throughout the winter season.

Team Summit has prepared a list with everything your athletes needs for a day of training.

Download Our Checklist



Skiers – Properly tuned Skis w/ bindings  (ski length between chin and forehead).  Boots need to properly fit the athlete with a minimum of a 3 buckles. Boots that don't fit properly make it difficult for the athlete to control the ski and make fluid turns.  The Ski Swap is a great opportunity to get great gear at a significantly reduced price for your athlete.

Poles (for skiers) should fit properly.  To ensure a proper size, have your athlete flip the pole upside down and hold the pole below the basket.  Their arms should be at a 90 degree angle.  

Snowboarders – Properly tuned snowboard that is the appropriate length (should fall between athlete’s eyes and shoulder).  We prefer that your athlete has a 2 clip binding.    Snowboard boots need to fit appropriately in binding.


The Team Summit Ski & Snowboard Swap is November 10 - 12, 2023 at Copper Mountain


Season Pass – Athletes in good standing with the team will be eligible for a discounted season pass for the mountain they choose.  Team Summit receives discounted passes for Arapahoe Basin, Copper Mountain, and the Epic Local Pass. Discount vouchers will be sent out as soon as Team Summit receives them (which is often very close to the beginning of the season).


Team Summit is a 501(c3) non-profit organization who leverages fundraising and volunteers to keep program costs down. We ask that each ITS family volunteer a total of 25 hours per family (not per athlete in the program) each year (from July 1st through June 30th). When your 25 family hours are completed, you receive a credit for the next season or receive your deposit back if your athlete is leaving our program. Volunteering is also a great way to build relationships with other Team Summit families and staff.



A Day in the Life of an ITS Athlete

ITS Athletes train on Saturdays.  The day STARTS at 8:30 am so please have your athlete geared up and ready to go by 8:15 am.  You can choose any one of the following resorts:  Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, Keystone, or Arapahoe Basin.  For more information on where to meet, parking, etc. you can click on the respective resort above to get additional information.  Practice will end each day at 3:00 pm so please pick your athletes up promptly.  Your athlete will be assigned a coach approximately two weeks prior to the start of the season.  We assign coaches to groups based on age and ability.  Although we do our best to have the athletes grouped prior to day 1, expect some changes over the first few weeks while we observe each athlete's skills and make adjustments as necessary.  Your coach will be your main point of contact throughout the season.

Download the Day in The Life PDF

Visit Our FAQ Section


Contact the following Team Summit Staff:

Intro to Team Summit (Ski):  Theresa Eckert - 
Ski Racing Devo (Alpine):  Aldo Radamus - 
Freeski Devo: Chris Carson - 
Intro to Team Summit (Snowboard): Matt Voegtle - 
Snowboard 101: Matt Voegtle - 

Events and Volunteering:   


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