Mountain Logistics

Team Summit has four world-class resorts partners. Below are the details for each resort on where to park, drop off, and meeting locations.


Copper Mountain

Meeting Location:
Team Summit generally meets in Center Village at the base of the American Eagle Lift in the area known as “Eagle's Landing.”

15 Minute Parking:
15 Minute Parking is located in Ten Mile Circle near in Center Village. The spots are well marked next to the Spruce Lodge parking area. This lot is strictly enforced so please do not park there longer than 15 minutes.

Free Parking:
Alpine Lot is located at the entrance to Copper Mountain. This lot provides regular shuttles to Center Village where Team Summit meets.

All lots are free after 3 PM.

Pay Parking:
Chapel Lot, Ten Mile Circle and Beeler Lot all provide pay parking. You can also purchase a season pass to the Chapel Lot. Visit CopperColorado.com for pricing and availability of parking passes.


Meeting Location:
Team Summit generally meets at the base of the Peru Lift in Mountain House.

Drop-off Area:
There is a skier drop-off area near the Keystone Medical Center (Past the Porcupine Parking Lot). There is also a skier drop-off area located just beyond the Marmot Parking Area.

Free Parking:
There is free parking in the Montezuma Lot and east side of the Mountain House area. Keystone offers a shuttle to Mountain House Base from the Montezuma lot.

Pay Parking:
Porcupine and Marmot Lot. **Keep in mind, there is no road that connects the Pika and Porcupine Lots to the Marmot Lot.

Arapahoe Basin

Meeting Location:  
Team Summit generally meets on the snow by Mountain Goat Plaza (up the stairs by the mountain goat statue) at the base of the Black Mountain Express Lift.

Athlete Drop-off:
There are a select number of spots located next to Arapahoe Sports and the Season Ticket Office.  This area is known as the “Admin Lot.” 

Free Parking:  
Parking is located in the Early Riser, High Noon, Last Chance and Upper Last Chance Lots. 

Pay Parking:  
The lot located by Arapahoe Sports (the A-Frame) is a pay lot.  Please see the parking attendant or stop into the Season Pass Office for details.

Breckenridge Mountain

Meeting Location:
Team Summit generally meets on snow just outside the Beaver Run Parking area. (Near the Breckenridge Stables meeting area.) The Beaver Run parking area is located uphill of Quicksilver SuperChair and downhill of the Beaver Run SuperChair.
Click here to view in Google Maps  

Drop-off Area:
There is a skier drop-off area in the Beaver Run Lot (near Peak 9). Make an immediate right when you enter the parking area to drop off your athlete.

Free Parking:
There is free parking on Airport Rd. at the Satellite Lot.  The shuttle from this lot does not start running until 8 am. 
Learn more about free parking by visiting BreckPark.com.

Pay Parking:
All of the lots in Breckenridge are pay parking.  Some lots give you a discount if you have 4 or more people in your vehicle.  
All parking options are available on BreckPark.com.

For more details on what to bring to training days and what a day in the life of your athlete is like go to the individual program's pages.

If you have questions visit the FAQ section or contact your coach.


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