Age Class

Age Class Programs

U10 8-9 years old, U12 10-11 years old, U14 12-13 years old

(Primary to advanced racing development)
USSA Rocky Mountain Division Bolle Age Class Series
November 17 to April 7


Our age class program is where some of the most enduring memories of skiing, ski racing, family and friends are grown.  Age class athletes in this program are proficient skiers who are now applying their racing skills to all mountain, all terrain, all condition, and in the race course. Athletes travel out of county to races in Colorado

Built with guidance from USSA Alpine Training System, our U10, U12’s, and U14 programs contain an alpine race-oriented curriculum geared for the unique needs of each of these age groups.  The Age Class program is the next step in advancement from the Intro to Race Program.  Almost universally, athletes who participate in this program have chosen Alpine Ski Racing as “their sport” during the winter months, and this program is designed to support the increased time commitment necessary for success.  Similarly, parents should be aware that the time commitment typically increases for them as well.

Training and Competitions

This program includes weekends and either an afternoon or night session on Fridays, with an option of Wednesday night training as well.  Training sessions are scheduled at all three of our partner resorts of Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, and Keystone.  This program typically competes in the Rocky Mountain Region USSA-sanctioned Bolle Age Class open series in addition to other regional championship qualifiers and development events.

Because Age Class is comprised of an age group in which young people can be both biologically and developmentally diverse, careful consideration is taken to make sure that the athlete’s daily training challenges, peer group, and expectations are tailored to their individual needs.

Skills / activities introduced and emphasized:

  • Safe skiing strategies
  • Individualized drill sets introduced based on individual needs
  • The power of team and sportsmanship
  • Video analysis
  • Periodization of training blocks
  • Basic to more advanced tactical concepts and execution
  • Introduction to speed
  • Courses with varying tempos and rhythm changes
  • Individualized drill progressions
  • Reading and anticipating terrain
  • Intro to equipment and the concepts of tuning
  • Intro to dryland and how to carry your ski training off the hill


  • USSA Competition License
  • Copper Mtn. season pass ($75 through Team Summit Colorado)
  • Epic Pass (Discounted through Team Summit Colorado)
  • Serviceable height and weight appropriate skis designed to carve. For U12 and older a separate pair of slalom and GS skis is recommended.  For U14 it is highly recommended.
  • Size and weight appropriate, snug, performance oriented boots (e.g. 4-buckle type). Boots are the most important piece of equipment.  Although used equipment is fine, please consult with us for guidance prior to purchasing equipment.

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