Rosener Human Performance Center

The Rosener Human Performance Center is designed to introduce and inspire young athletes to develop a passion for physical performance. Strength and conditioning is vital to athlete development and long-term success in winter sports. This project will empower our athletes to utilize the center’s resources to learn about the body’s capabilities and ultimately allow them to leverage a strong healthy body to enable them to achieve their personal podiums.

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Anticipated Opening

The Rosener Human Performance Center is currently being remodeled to better serve our athletes.

The remodel will be completed Fall 2021.


We are working hard to provide the best possible equipment to our athletes. Here are just a few upgrades and new features of the Rosener Human Performance Center:

  • - Vail-Summit Orthopaedics Athletic Training Station
  • - Vail-Summit Orthopaedics Athlete Recovery Station
  • - New Racks
  • - New Bars
  • - Upgraded spin bikes
  • - Additional Athlete equipment day storage
  • - 3 Video review stations
  • - Updated Coach office space
  • - and so much more!


Team Summit Colorado appreciates all the help from our partnership with Vail-Summit Orthopaedics.

Thank you Dr. Dorf - Medical Director
Thank you Rachel Freeman - AT Coordinator


Raise the Roof Campaign

Opening in the fall of 2021 is just the beginning.

As athletic needs change through the years,  the Rosener Human Performance Center will rise to give our athletes the advantage in all levels of competition. 

Learn more about how you support local athletes "Raise the Roof"

Raise the Roof Campaign


The Raise the Roof Campaign is currently ongoing for the Rosener Human Performance Center. 

Our goal is to raise an additional $50,000 to support the long-term success of our athletes. 

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The primary goal of Team Summit Colorado's strength and conditioning program is to maximize athletic performance and reduce injuries encountered during participation in all sports. This is accomplished through improvements in mobility, flexibility, postural enhancements, absolute strength, and power production. We also focus on the energy system requirements of each discipline and most importantly, proper movement patterns.


Ages 12 and up


All skill levels are accepted


Summer Conditioning - June through early September

Fall Conditioning - September through October

In-Season Conditioning - Dependent on discipline and suggestions


See our general calendar
Human Performance


We primarily train at the Rosener Human Performance Center at Copper Mountain.  


Additional training locations offered across the county. 


Academy Athletes: Included with the cost of the program

Non-Academy Registered Athletes: Varies depending on the program and requests. Rates can be found by on our CampMinder Portal

General Membership and Public: Please email for additional offerings. 


Team Summit Colorado is a non-profit who uses fundraising and volunteers to keep program costs down.  The fundraising is also essential in providing financial scholarships (not to exceed 50% of the program costs) to athletes in need.  

Volunteers are essential to our programs.  Without our volunteers, we could not execute many of our fundraising and program events.  There is also no better way to become part of the Team Summit community!  

You can volunteer for any event available on the VSF calendar.

See the calendar


If you have questions contact your athlete's coach:

Human Performance Coach: Jack Farrell - 



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