Intro To Team Summit-Snowboard  

     Ages 6-12

This is where the fun begins!  For the athlete new to Team Summit or the returning athlete looking to develop their skills all over the mountain. This Program is designed for the athletes to begin their path in developing as a competitive skier or rider.   During the early stages of any sport, it is important to lay a foundation of fundamental skills,allow versatility, and have a GREAT time doing it.  We offer this program for your athlete to get a strong start in the world of competitive snow sports.  Even if your child has chosen which sport they would like to participate in, the skills addressed in this program are global and required in all of the disciplines Team Summit Colorado has to offer.

In Intro to Team Summit the athlete learns the proper mechanics of upper level snowboarding.  We know that most of the kids can already make their way down anything on the mountain.  What we do in Intro to Team Summit is teach them to handle bumps, steeps, trees, race courses, park, and pipe efficiently with a focus on fun. These are the skills required to create a well rounded skier or rider.  A well rounded athlete has the highest potential to lead the competition and be a life time participant in the sport.

 These athletes will participate in the Team Summit hosted “Summit Foundation Cup Series”.  Each one of these events explores different types of events such as, GS race, Moguls, Big Mountain, Slope style, and half pipe.  This will give the athlete experience  in competing in a variety of low pressure events. Intro to Team Summit athletes are ages 6-11. Athletes must be able to link turns on a snowboard with rhythm and flow, or make parallel turns on skis, on all groomed terrain.

Groups are divided by age and ability. With an athlete to coach ratio appropriate for each athlete to receive ample coaching, personal attention, and supervision.

Program Details:                     

  • Age range: 6-11 (5 year old athletes with coach approval)
  • Ability Level:  Riding linked turns on Blue terrain.  AASI Level 6
  • Program Training:
    • December 1 – March 16
    • 15 Saturday sessions; no training President’s Day weekend
    • Coaching at four Summit Cup events
  • Pick your home mountain: Copper, Keystone (10 & under only), or Breck (10 & under only)
  • Program Fee: $1490
  • Volunteer Service Fee Deposit: $250

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