10 Easy Things You Can Do To Improve Performance

10 Easy Things You Can Do To Improve Performance

Here we are on snow and getting really close to the season’s first competitions for many of you. We have seen a lot of great work throughout the summer and during the Fall strength and conditioning sessions. I know it’s difficult to have your most productive training day on-hill every single time you put on your skis or board, but here are 10 simple things you can address every time you train, to help you improve through the season.

  1. Be On-Time

Plan a little extra time to get to the hill every day so you are not in a rush when you are putting your boots on. Account for possible traffic and weather. When you’re not in a rush you will have more clarity and patience for the task at hand.

  1. Work Ethic

This is something you have complete control over. Not every athlete is naturally the strongest, the fastest, the bravest, the most balanced. But you can take it upon yourself to be the hardest working and most driven version of you.

  1. Effort

Coaches can help show the way and encourage you to find new levels in your performance. Only you can put forth a solid effort to improve.

  1. Body Language

Carry yourself with pride. It affects how you feel, how you perform and how others interact with you.


Get enough sleep to recover from day to day activities. Eat plenty of good calories to help repair muscle tissue. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. When you have fueled properly, your work capacity increases exponentially.

6. Attitude

Knowing you can do anything you put your mind to and having confidence in your abilities is the only way you will attain your goals. A positive attitude also affects how others interact with you.

7. Passion

Love what you do. When you know you are doing the thing you love most, it can never be a difficult day.

8. Being Coachable

All of your coaches want to see you succeed. They take pride in seeing you improve and put your best efforts forward. Trust in what your coaches are teaching you and do your absolute best to make the changes they are discussing with you.

9. Doing Extra

There is one trait that every successful athlete has in common. They are continuously looking for one more little piece that will put them ahead of their competition. It might be hiking the jump one more time, taking one extra lap or watching a video review of their teammates to take away one last lesson.

10. Being Prepared

Have a daily pattern when you are organizing your backpack for the day. Did you pack your extra layers, did you bring a good lunch, do you have plenty of water at the training venue, do you have your ski pass? Arriving at the training site or competition area organized and prepared keeps you calm in potentially stressful situations.