Academy Updates - June 30th, 2020

Become a Host Family with TSC

Hosting an athlete can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. It allows you to personally get to know a ski or snowboard athlete and provides the opportunity to share their hopes and dreams of becoming an elite athlete. Serving as a Host Family can enrich the lives of the athlete and every member of your family.  Being a Host Family will also enable you to earn some extra monthly income.

There are two main types of Host Families: Long-term hosting usually lasts the entire school year, mid-August through early June or short-term hosting which can vary from several weeks to several months during the winter season.

Host Families for this program can be Team Summit members or not.  If you know of a family or an adult(s) whose children are all grown up and might be interested please pass this information along to them.

If being a Host Family is something that interests you please contact Joanna Snyder at Team Summit, or 970-390-2179.  She is creating a database to pair Host Athletes with caring Host Families.  Thank you!!