Alpine Ability Updates - Nov. 20, 2019

Alpine Ability Updates - Nov. 20th, 2019


Dear U16 and FIS Athletes and Parents:
We are now in the competition period and athletes have already begun to compete or soon will be at Sync, NJR and FIS. Please review the Travel Planning Sheets that are linked below and act on sign-ups, entries and other details ASAP.
In This Update:
- U16 Training and Competition Trip to Vermont in December
- Copper Mt. NPS (M) and NJR (W) SGx2 December 2-3
- Speed Training Camp
- Birds of Prey World Cup
- Aspen NJR (W) GSx2/SLx2 December 9-11
- Beaver Creek NPS(M) GSx2 December 10-11, Aspen NPS(M) SLx2 December 12-13
U16 Training and Competition Trip to Vermont in December
This project has been finalized. All costs have been modified based on participants. Charges have been submitted to the TSC Book keeper for billing to the participant’s cc on file.

Please complete release and make entries as indicated on the final TSC Travel Planning form.
Copper Mt. NPS (M) and NJR (W) SGx2 December 2-3
There is no TSC Planning form for this home race.
 Information Sheet:
All athletes competing must complete the waiver available here and return to rbennett@coppercolorado.com
Daily race details will be available from Doug following the Team Captain’s meeting the evening before the races.
Speed Training Camp
Due to changes in the R/C Prep Calendar, R/C will not be conducting the annual DH, Speed Elements and SG Training Camp. As a result, TSC will be conducting this camp for our athletes and inviting other clubs to participate over three days from December 5-7. We will be taking over the training environments from the US Ski and Snowboard Development Program on the afternoons of December 5, 6 and the morning of December 7. The exact schedule and details will be in the U16 and FIS Training Calendars for those days.
While we will be charging visiting athletes and teams, there is no additional fee for TSC Members.

Please be sure to have speed skis prepped and ready for these 3 days.
Birds of Prey World Cup
The TSC sign-up sheet closed last week and has been modified to reflect withdrawal of those athletes traveling to Vermont for the U16 project above. Final sheet is available here:
Charges have been submitted for billing to the credit card you have placed on file.
Departure time and any other details will be communicated prior to December 8.

ALL participants (athletes and coaches) must execute a release available here and on the travel planning form:

Aspen NJR (W) GSx2/SLx2 December 9-11 – Deadline for travel and housing is November 25
GS/GS Dec 9, 10 and 2xSL on the 11th.
TSC Planning form is available here:
Release must be executed for Aspen. Link on planning form.
Beaver Creek NPS (M) GSx2 December 10-11, Aspen SLx2 December 12-13 – Deadline for travel and housing is November 25
TSC Planning form is available here:
Releases must be executed for both BC and Aspen. Links on planning form.