Alpine Ability Updates - Sept. 25th, 2019


Alpine Ability Updates - Sept. 25, 2019

This message is being sent to all athletes and their parents who are registered for U16 or FIS Academy or Part-Time Programs.

Dear U16 and FIS Athletes and Parents:

These regular program updates will now be posted at the Team Summit web-site under “Blog” so that you can easily refer back to past updates for important information:
In this update:
- Skills Quest Conditioning Assessment
- Ski Boot Alignment
- Ski Grinders
- October Gymnastics
- Possible FIS NJR Competition Trip in November
Skills Quest Conditioning Assessment This Sunday
On Sunday September 29, we will be administering the full conditioning assessment utilizing the revised and final test protocol at the Summit Middle School from 10:00AM to 1:30PM. Details and testing protocols are available in the U16 and Ability calendars.
PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND this important session. This will be an important opportunity to measure fitness levels, prepare for RMD testing and chart conditioning progress over time.
We will be attending the Divisional Skills Quest testing as a team on October 27 in Minturn. Details will be announced next month.

Ski Boot Alignment
Proper alignment or canting is critical for balanced and efficient skiing. We would like to check alignment for all athletes whether skiing in old or new boots this season. We will have the help of Surefoot using their facilities for checking and adjusting boots for each skier. TSC coaches will be checking alignment and Surefoot staff will be available to install lifters and help with any fit work.
Please sign up for a timeslot ASAP and please bring both old and new boots with you.
There is no charge for the alignment work. Lifters, installation of lifters and any optional fit work will be charged at cost by Surefoot. Please bring form of payment for any add-on work.
A sign-up sheet for dates and times is available here:
Ski Grinders 
Proper daily ski preparation will become even more critical this winter as we begin to utilize the new dedicated Ore-Deal tech training venue which will be watered to create the racing and training surface. 

Ski edge grinders are the best way to maintain the side bevel and a sharp, smooth edge between stone grinds. The Black Diamond Ski Edge Sharpener is the most economical of the high quality grinders on the market retailing at $1275 The two machines available in the most recent update have been sold. Additional machines are available at a discounted pre-production price of $975 if ordered before October 1.
Contact Aldo if you are interested.

October Gymnastics 
We have scheduled gymnastics sessions on Thursdays in October until we begin on snow training. These sessions will be led by Ben Way at the Silverthorne Rec Center.
There is no cost associated with this. All athletes must return a completed waiver in order to be able to participate – No exceptions can be made by Silverthorne Rec.
Waiver is available here: for you to print out and complete. Please bring with you the day of the first gymnastics session or hand to Jared at any time on or before Thursday October 3.
Possible FIS NJR Competition Trip in November
In order to take advantage of the summer and early season training that is available to FIS athletes, we will offer a November competition trip to Italy. 
This project will include several days of training upon arrival in Europe followed by 6 NJR races (2SL/2GS/2SG) that are targeted at first and second year FIS athletes to establish representative point profiles.
The races will be in Sulden/Sola, ITA not far from Stelvio. High elevation and reliable snowmaking provide fair racing conditions.
Trip costs will be variable depending on the number of athletes who participate.
Airfare, rental vehicle, food, lodging and lifts and a share of the coach’s expense will be billed to all athletes. Tentative Schedule follows:
November 6 – Departure from Denver
November 7 – Arrival Milan
November 8-10 – Training
November 11-14 – 2SL/2GS FIS NJR Sulden
November 15 – Training SG or Off
November 16 – 2SG FIS NJR Sulden
November 17 – Return Milan to Denver
This trip is contingent on qualifying for the USA Quota (Demand is not expected to be high from USA athletes), good preparation in both conditioning and on-snow, and being academically eligible according to respective schools.
It will be best to try to work ahead in the next 6 weeks to minimize the amount of schoolwork that you will need to bring with and keep up with while on the road.
Please reach out to Aldo with your expression of interest and any questions you have.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to any of us with any questions and to keep in touch.