Alpine Updates - December 17th, 2020

Alpine Updates - December 17th, 2020

It has come to our attention that some members are experiencing problems receiving Team Summit messages originating in Campminder. This appears to be affecting primarily gmail addresses and may be related to the Google outages reported this week. Our apologies for this problem. It has been reported and will hopefully be resolved quickly
In the meantime, this message is being sent from Campminder and will be re-sent via regular email to the same distribution list. Our apologies to those who receive multiple, duplicate copies of these message.
Dear Team Summit Alpine Community:
The Team Summit Alpine Program is migrating to TeamSnap for calendaring and communications.
**Age Class Training originally scheduled at Keystone for this weekend and Tuesday and Wednesday of next week has been changed to Copper due to unavailability of a training venue. All registered Age Class vehicles have parking reservations at the Alpine Lot in Copper for all training days. Details will be in the daily training Email.**
Lots of additional important training and racing information is included below. Please read the entire update carefully and act on the action items to avoid any disruptions in communication.
Thank you everyone for your patience and flexibility with the unusual amount of schedule details, changes and protocols.
Stay healthy and happy!

Aldo Radamus
Alpine Director
Contacts for your Head Coach or Administration:
Membership Services:
Athletic Trainer and COVID Co-ordinator:
In This Update:
- Training December 22-26 for Ability and Age Class Teams
- TeamSnap
- Race and Training Calendars
- Premier Pass
- Sprongo
- Masters Training
Training December 22-26 for Ability and Age Class Teams
This will be the FINAL Sign-Up Sheet. We are migrating to Team Snap for calendaring and registering intent for attendance at training and races effective 12.27.2020.
Through December 26, please refer to the nightly training email with details for the following day.
The sign-up sheet for December 22-26 is open. The deadline for sign-up is end of day, Sunday, December 20.
Many of you are already familiar with TeamSnap from other sports teams. We are consolidating our calendaring, registering intent for training and racing, pre-event daily COVID screening and instant communications to TeamSnap. The first event on this platform will be training following the holiday break on December 27. Until then we will continue to use the training sign-up form and verbal health screenings prior to training.
All registered members and coaches will be receiving invitations to join their respective teams in the next few days. Here are some instructions for creating your account and user tips.
1. Download TeamSnap App onto your phone (you can also access info from;

2. Accept Invitation from Team Summit and create a login and password 

3. Enter/Edit your 'player' details including: parent(s) emails & phone numbers and athlete email/phone (if they have one)

4. Upload a photo of the ‘player’

5. Enable notifications both email and SMS/Text. If there is a delay or cancellation on the day, Coaches will send an alert which you will receive immediately on your phone via SMS/Text.

  • Click on Preferences to make your selections


6. Sync the TeamSnap calendar with your calendar so if changes occur in TeamSnap, your calendar will be updated.

  • click Schedule
  • click subscribe/export
  • Click subscribe to full calendar


7.  Mark availability for events in the calendar. Check regularly as events will be added throughout the season (No events have been created at the time of this message).

  • click Availability
  • click the ‘player’ name to see full vertical list of all events


8. Messaging: You can choose to message just the coach or multiple athletes/parents. As a friendly reminder, when it comes to messaging, please limit full group messages to topics which would affect the entire group (team zoom pizza party after training, etc). Otherwise, please be sure to select recipients so your message will be sent to just your coach or teammate and limit full group messages to avoid non-essential communication.

  • Alerts are instant and used as a one-way message
  • Chats are instant and keep a running log of a conversation
  • Emails can be sent to one of or all the team and a log is kept on TeamSnap in the Messaging tab. You can only respond to sender.

Please be patient as we migrate to TeamSnap. Staff are all new to this system and will need to learn efficient processes to make our communication as streamlined and timely as possible.

Race and Training Calendars
**Age Class Training originally scheduled at Keystone for this weekend and Tuesday and Wednesday of next week has been changed to Copper due to unavailability of a training venue. All registered Age Class vehicles have parking reservations at the Alpine Lot in Copper for all training days. Details will be in the daily training Email.**
For Ski Racing Devo, please refer to your calendar at the Team Summit website:
Age Class, U16 and FIS athletes will continue to receive nightly email messages at approximately 7PM with training details for the following day through December 23. Calendars are updated with the latest, most current information regarding race dates and locations, as well as, planned training dates, general times and locations through the end of the 2020-21 season.
At this time, clubs and resorts slated to host races in early January have confirmed their intent to go forward. We should have race fact sheets and registration information in the coming days. Everyone impacted will be notified immediately when this information is available.
*Please note a calendar change on the gender order of upcoming Sync and Sync Devo races in Steamboat January 4-7 (this was made to allow FIS racers competing in Vail to be assigned as pace skiers for the Sync events).
RMD has expressed their intent to publish the current competition schedule with dates and locations in the next several days. When posted, you will be find it here:
All current dates and locations are also updated in the respective Team Summit calendars
Premier Pass
Team Summit Membership Services and Office Manager Lili Strachan sent all Age Class and Ability team members / families a voucher for a specially priced $150 Premier Pass that provides access to a special line at the American Eagle, American Flyer, Super Bee, Excellerator, Woodward Express and Timberline Express. The Premier Pass also allows early lift access on the Eagle 30 minutes before the scheduled daily opening.
This inexpensive pass add-on will help to reduce the need to stand in crowded liftlines, have shorter lap times during crowded days and have early mountain access from Center Village. Upcoming weekend and holiday training schedules will begin to reflect this opportunity for early lift access.
We still have many athletes in our Age class and SRD programs that have not created their accounts and joined their teams.
Athletes have been sent an email with an invitation to their team. Please accept this invitation and create a profile in order to be able to view video as it is posted by your coaches and allow us to properly tag users so videos display in the athlete’s personal video feed. Please use the athlete’s PROPER first and last name when setting up your profile… not a nickname or alias. This has to do with a new tagging feature that is being developed in Sprongo.
Some have reported not receiving their invites. This seems to most regularly affect those with iCloud or other Apple accounts and recently Gmail accounts. In this case, go to, register for a free account and request to join the team you are enrolled in:
Team Summit DEVO
Team Summit Age Class
Team Summit Ability
It is important that the account is titled with the proper first and last name of the athlete so videos can be properly tagged and made visible to the athlete.
Some accounts have been created with a parent name as the title. Please change this to the athlete’s name:

Log in to your account.
Click on the down arrow in the upper right corner where the account name is displayed
Choose Settings
Change name to the athlete's name
Click Save.
Masters Training
Learning to carve turns and train in courses is a great way to improve your skiing skills! For those parents who did not race during their youth, this is a great way to experience what their children do every day and gain appreciation for proper tuning, physical demands, concentration and so on.
Information about Team Summit’s Masters Program is available on our website:
A season long program for $1,200, 10 day punch pass for $500 and single day drop-in options at $75 per day are available. Any Masters Program participant who enrolls for the season long program will have their Epic Pass exempted from the reservation system for the season.

As a special offer, Master’s Head Coach Matt Fox will provide one complimentary training day for any interested Team Summit Parent!Daily access to this introductory offer is limited and a reservation with either Vail Resorts (Ticket reservation) or Copper Mountain (Parking) and Coach Matt are required. Please contact Matt for details.