Alpine Updates - January 22nd, 2021

Copy of TSC-6.11-LogoCMYK.pngAlpine Updates - January 22nd, 2021

Dear Team Summit Alpine Ability and Age Class athletes, parents and Interested Parties:
FINALLY, all age groups have had their first competitions this month! In just the first few weeks of 2021 our athletes have been racing successfully in FIS, USSA, Age Class and FIS University competitions after a full preparation period this fall.
As we now move into the race season, the coaches will provide each athlete a written in-season/prep period evaluation and ask each athlete to set their competition goals for the year.
This is intended to formalize the ongoing direction and feedback provided during training and to help align the athlete and coach on individual goals and areas of focus.
We realize that those customary informal communications when dropping off or picking up, at races, during team travel or casual get togethers where information is frequently shared are not happening in our socially distanced world. This has left some feeling disconnected and out of touch. We encourage you to reach out, after receiving the evaluation or at any time, to your respective Head Coach (listed with email address below) to connect about the season so far and what’s to come.
The last minute nature of race confirmations, changes to schedules, additional protocols for waivers, health screenings, parking or ticket reservations, etc. have added new challenges to our program communications. Our adoption of new platforms for calendaring, video distribution and communications are being ironed out as we learn together how to use these resources most effectively (more information below).
In staffing news, we are pleased to announce that Kristin Leggett has rejoined the staff at Team Summit as a Part-time Age Class and U12 Coach.
Kristin Grew up skiing at Killington and attended Killington Mountain School (KMS). She became a member of US Ski Team and was USCSA National GS Champion at Castleton University. 
Kristin returned to KMS as a FIS Coach in 2012 and moved to Colorado in 2015. Once here, she previously spent three years at Team Summit as an Age Class U14 Coach and two years with Team Breckenridge.
A passionate skier and coach, Kristin is excited for the 2020-2021 season with Team Summit.
Good luck to all the athletes at upcoming races and Thank You all for your continued flexibility, diligence and support of the kids and their coaches!

Aldo Radamus
Alpine Director
Contacts for your Head Coach or Administration:
Membership Services:
Athletic Trainer and COVID Co-ordinator:
Calendaring and Communications:
As we adopted Team Snap and migrated our scheduling to that platform, we learned that creating separate calendars for FIS and U16 calendars in Ability and separate U14, 12 and U10 calendars in Age Class was inefficient and set us up for errors when updating.
We have since created two new teams “FIS / U16” and “Age Class U14, 12, 10”. All calendaring is being done in these two teams. If you have not received your invitation to join your team, please let me know and I will try to help you.
We have kept the individual teams for FIS, U16, U14, U12, and U10 for those situations where communication from coaches is targeted to specific age groups. Please remain enrolled in these teams.
Our Google calendars at will no longer be updated. All calendar entries for upcoming training and racing will be published EXCLUSIVELY in TeamSnap.
Please log into your TeamSnap account to review your preferences for notifications, eliminate unnecessary or redundant contacts and correct any inaccuracies.
While TeamSnap provides robust notification services and instant messaging, we realize that last minute changes place a great burden on everyone and strive to have as few schedule changes as possible.