Alpine Updates - October 23, 2020

Alpine Updates - October 23rd, 2020

Dear Team Summit Alpine Athletes, Parent, Coaches, and Interested Parties:

The PLANNED training calendar is published in the calendar section of the Team Summit website: ;Due to conditions, group size restrictions, venue capacity, visiting teams, and other factors these schedules are subject to change on a daily basis. Until further notice, an email message will be sent daily before 7PM the night preceding training detailing the next day’s schedule. 

Thank you to everyone who signed up with their interest in possible training sessions through November 1. Knowing your interest allows us to plan most effectively when we receive our lane assignments for each day’s training.
Training over the first days of operation will be severely limited. While snowmaking has been on-going for several weeks, unseasonably warm temperatures have limited progress. As a result, only the top half of Copperopolis is prepared for skiing resulting in only 3 lanes being available, each with a maximum capacity of 20 athletes. Skiers will have an egress lane to the bottom of the Excellerator lift. With both cold temperatures and snowfall predicted over the next few days, the bottom half of Copperopolis and additional terrain will be coming on-line in the coming days. You can monitor snowmaking progress by accessing Copper Mountain’s Excellerator Webcam:
I’m very sorry not to be able to inform you whether you will be assigned to a training slot at this time. I will send the information to all about training the following day before 7PM by email. Not everyone who has signed up with their interest in training will be able to train. 
There is a chance that Saturday and/or Sunday will be canceled all together due to the likelihood of the forecast storm that may make conditions challenging. 
Please remember that Team Summit, Summit County and Copper Mountain COVID Protocols will be strictly adhered to.
If you have been ordered to quarantine by another entity or have had close contact with a presumed or confirmed positive you may not attend training with 
Team Summit.
 Close contact has been recently re-defined by the CDC adding “Brief encounters”
Team Summit Colorado COVID Protocols
1. Wear a mask
2. Maintain a minimum of 6’ distance from others
3. Wash hands and disinfect contacted surfaces
4. Stay home if advised to quarantine, not feeling well, or have had a possible exposure to the virus
Full TSC COVID-19 protocol is available here (Updated 10.1.2020):
The Fall Training sign-up is open for modifications of your interest in training until 5PM today; Friday, October 23. Please make any changes to your intent to train. 
It is critically important that you sign-up for the sessions you intend to and are able to attend if assigned. 
Due to the required volume of communication, adjustments, after the training assignments are announced, are not possible. Any assigned spots left unused will be an opportunity lost for another team member. 
Please indicate your interest with a 1 (The number one) for every day and every session that you will be able to attend if assigned.
Baseline Concussion Testing
For those not skiing on Saturday, Baseline Concussion Testing will again be made available. All athletes, U14 age and older, are required annually to complete a baseline test. Testing is conducted at the Vail - Summit Orthopedics (VSO) office in Frisco: 360 Peak One Drive, Suite 180. Please sign up at the link below and reach out to Athletic Trainer – Rachel Freeman as indicated below:
Rachel Freeman, MA, ATC, OTC
Outreach Coordinator and Athletic Trainer
P: (970) 296-4811   F: (877) 480-9620
We try very hard to communicate effectively and early. At this time, however, the information is changing rapidly and our only alternative is to finalize the plan the night before. 
We understand that this is very challenging for all our families and particularly our front range families. My sincere apologies for what looks like disorganization on our part. We are doing everything possible to meet the interests of all our athletes and appreciate your patience and understanding. 
Please reach out to me or your program’s Head Coach with any questions.
With appreciation,
Aldo Radamus
Alpine Director
Contacts for your Head Coach or Administration:
Membership Services: