Alpine Updates - October 26th, 2020

Alpine Updates - October 26th, 2020

This and subsequent updates are being sent to the following groups:
- 2020-21 registered Team Summit Alpine Ability, Age Class Academy and U14 Athletes
- Ability, Age Class and Devo Program Parents
- Alpine Ability, Age Class and Devo Coaches
- Additional Interested Parties

Dear Team Summit Alpine Community:
How wonderful to wake this morning to the winter wonderland outside!
Thanks to the extraordinary support of Copper Mountain the hard work of the snowmaking and grooming crews and Competition Department, our Ability and Age Class Teams began the season with on-snow training at Copper Mountain this past weekend.
With the help from mother nature, additional terrain will soon open for training and will lead to a great public opening at Copper on November 30! Look for news on other Summit County resort openings in the upcoming days.
We are working with all of our resort partners developing plans and protocols for training and have been assured that all our partner resorts will continue to provide our young athletes the opportunity to pursue their passion for snow sports as we enter the winter. More details will be forthcoming as soon as they are available.
Much work is being done on race calendars and other modifications to competition this winter. As soon as competition calendars are finalized we will distribute them to membership in order to facilitate family planning.
All U14 and older athletes are required to perform an annual Baseline Concussion Test in order to facilitate return to sport if a concussion is suspected. Details below.
Finally, please see below for information regarding tuning programs offered by several shops, volunteer opportunities and information for our Ability and Age Class families to register their intent for upcoming training.
Once again, thank you to all our members for your patience and understanding in this unique environment. With every day, I grow increasingly confident that, while different, our season will be full of as much fun, training and competition as all have come to expect.
Please reach out to me or your program’s Head Coach with any questions. Be well, stay healthy and happy!

Aldo Radamus
Alpine Director
Contacts for your Head Coach or Administration:
Membership Services:
In This Update:
- Early Season Training November 3-9 for Ability and Age Class Teams
- Annual Baseline Concussion Testing
- Equipment Preparation and Tuning Programs
- Volunteer Opportunities
Early Season Training November 3-9 for Ability and Age Class Teams
Responding to this survey is not a guarantee that you will have a spot in a session you have expressed interest in. If a session is not available, and you have not indicated other sessions during that day, you will not be scheduled for training. For this reason, it is important that you indicate your interest in EVERY session that you are available to train.
Once we receive our assigned training lanes for the day, we will assign groups in the most efficient way possible and communicate the detailed schedule in the nightly update.
The sign-up sheet for November 3-9 is open. The deadline for sign-up is the end of the day, Sunday, November 1. It will not be possible to make individual changes after the deadline.
Annual Baseline Concussion Testing
All athletes, U14 age and older, are required annually to complete a baseline test. Testing is conducted at the Vail - Summit Orthopedics (VSO) office in Frisco: 360 Peak One Drive, Suite 180. Please contact Rachel to set up an appointment if you have not already completed the Baseline for this year.
Register Here: 

Rachel Freeman, MA, ATC, OTC
Outreach Coordinator and Athletic Trainer
P: (970) 296-4811   F: (877) 480-9620
Equipment Preparation and Tuning Programs
Equipment set-up and daily preparation are critical to a productive season. Having properly tuned skis for every day of skiing is by far the lowest hanging fruit for improving performance. Skis should be tuned to the same standard for every day of skiing whether training or racing. Consistent response from your skis leads to confidence and improvement.

Initial ski set-up involves shaping of the ski, grinding skis flat (brand new skis often have irregularities from manufacturing and are not properly race-prepped), removing sidewall, setting proper base, and side edge bevels, and several wax cycles to insure fast bases. This initial ski preparation is best done by a competent professional working in a shop that specializes in race service. There are 2-3 hours of work in the preparation of each pair of new skis. Once skis are properly set up, they can be maintained daily by hand and with hand-held grinders for as many as 20 training sessions before a complete re-grinding is required.
Daily maintenance involves sharpening edges to the sharpest and cleanest (burr-free) edge possible, waxing and scraping. It is critically important that skis are prepared for every day as though preparing for a race. Skis are the tools of our sport. A properly prepared ski is easier to turn, encourages proper technique, provides consistent response and feedback to the skier, and allows for the maximum development of skills.
For athletes U14 and younger, this daily prep is best done by a parent or a professional. Starting at U14 age, athletes can begin to learn how to sharpen, wax, scrape, and brush skis. By U16 age athletes have the dexterity, attention to detail, and strength to assume the responsibility of maintaining their equipment full time. When kept up with daily, a proper ski prep can be completed in 15-20 minutes per pair. Here is a short 4 min video illustrating the required daily maintenance:
For those of you who are inclined to learn everything from setting up a proper workspace to proper use of a rotobrush, here is a great series of easily digestible videos with the A-Z of ski race tuning:

Fixing minor base damage, re-grinding the skis flat and the re-setting of bevels should be done mid-season and again before spring races and training.
In order to facilitate an economical yearly tuning program, we are pleased to present several options for you to consider. Our partner shops; Podium Sports in Frisco and A Racer's Edge in Breckenridge, and for our front range families, Denver Sports Lab in Golden are offering a package including the following:

1. Initial new ski Set-up
- Grinding the ski flat
- Hand shaping of the ski
- Removing excess sidewall
- Setting base and edge bevels
- Two Wax cycles
2. Mid-Season
- Re-grinding of the ski and setting base bevels
- Repair of minor base damage
- Shaping and removing sidewall as necessary
- Adjusting base structure for the season
- Two Wax cycles
3. Spring
- Same as Mid-season
- Spring snow base structure

With professional ski service, three times per season and diligent, daily maintenance, every pair of skis can be prepared to a professional level. It is impossible to overstate the importance of properly prepared equipment for every day of skiing.
The 3 service program is being offered at the following cost per pair of skis:
A Racer's Edge - $240
Podium Sports - $300
Denver Sports Lab - $200

There are various other options available at each tuning center and slight differences in the provided services. The services at each of these shops is of the highest quality. Please contact your preferred provider as indicated below to sign up for a program.

Jared Hawn
Podium Sports 
711 Granite Street, Frisco, CO 80443
Shop: 970.668.9996
Cell: 970.393.0066
Chuck Ginsburg
A Racer's Edge
114 Lincoln Avenue
PO Box 270
Breckenridge, CO  80424
Shop: 970.453.7600
Cell: 970.390.5600
Leif Sunde
Denver Sports Lab
15744 W 6th Ave Frontage Rd #5049 
Golden, CO 80401 
Shop: 720.383.8999
Cell: 303.898.8995
Additional detailed equipment set-up and maintenance information with recommendations for bevel angles and other details is available here:
Volunteer Opportunities
If you are interested in getting a head start on your volunteer hours, please log in to Campminder to view volunteer opportunities such as auction solicitor and more.
Please feel free to email for details.