Alpine Updates - September 25th, 2020

Dear Team Summit Alpine Ability and U14 Athletes, All Alpine parents, and Alpine Coaching staff:

Four weeks from today, our Ability and Age Class Teams have their first-day on-snow at Copper Mountain! 
October 23 is the scheduled first day of Early Season Training at Copper Mountain. Although the opening is dependent on cold weather for snowmaking, there is a long history of Copperopolis being prepared for training on schedule during the second half of October. More information will be coming in the next update.

A-Basin will be racing against Loveland and Keystone to be the first to open for public skiing in October or early November.  Meanwhile, Breckenridge has set a tentative opening date of November 13.  Copper Mountain's is  November 30.
With skiing just around the corner, this issue of the Alpine Program Update will focus on equipment selection, preparation and maintenance. It’s time to check skis, boots other equipment and get everything ready to be on snow!
Much information follows below. Please review and reach out to your program’s head coach with any questions or help with selections.
See you soon!

Aldo Radamus
Alpine Director
Contacts for your Head Coach or Administration:

In This Update:
- Equipment Selection
- Manufacturer's Equipment Information
- Equipment Preparation
- Colorado Competition Council Gear Sale
- Team Summit Classifieds
Equipment Selection
Having properly sized skis and correctly fitted boots is critical to improving skills and enhances enjoyment of skiing, training and racing. 
In general, softer boots and shorter skis are a better choice than boots that are upsized and stiff or skis that are on the longer end of the recommended range.
There is specific information available at the type of skis and boots and other equipment recommended for athletes by age and program. You will find recommendations on the type and number of skis, sizing, fitting and set-up. Follow the link above, scroll down to your program and click on the + sign to the right of “Equipment” for detailed information.
There are a number of companies that manufacture excellent race equipment. Information from the leading suppliers is shared below.
Manufacturer's Equipment Information
We have assembled race program information from Atomic, Dynastar, Fischer, Head, Nordica, Rossignol and Völkl that you can review here:
In these folders you will find catalogs, racer price lists/eligibility/order forms to purchase racer priced equipment, and from those suppliers who offer it, sizing charts, and sponsorship criteria.
*Supplier policies vary regarding the direct purchase of equipment so please read through the information for your preferred brand carefully.
Rossignol has the most detailed sizing chart and boot flex recommendations based on age groups from U8 to FIS and weight. This can be a helpful guideline when choosing boot flex and ski size regardless of the manufacturer:
Our partner shops Racer’s Edge in Breckenridge andPodium Sports in Frisco honor race program pricing for eligible racers and inventory racing equipment. Both shops will assist you with sizing and selection providing great service during the sale and following.
Equipment Preparation
Even more critical is the initial equipment set-up and daily preparation. Having boots professionally fit and properly tuned skis for every day of skiing is by far the lowest hanging fruit for improving performance.
Initial ski set-up involves shaping of the ski, grinding skis flat (brand new skis often have irregularities from manufacturing and are not properly race-prepped), removing sidewall, setting proper base and side edge bevels, and several wax cycles to insure fast bases.
This initial ski preparation is best done by a competent professional working in a shop that specializes in race service. There are 2-3 hours of work in the preparation of each pair of new skis. 

Fixing minor base damage, re-grinding the skis flat and the re-setting of bevels should be done mid-season and again before spring races and training.
In the next few weeks, Team Summit Alpine Team members will be provided with information regarding several options for a package of initial prep and two in-season full tunes to provide an affordable program for a basic ski service program. 
Daily maintenance involves sharpening edges to the sharpest and cleanest (burr-free) edge possible, waxing and scraping. It is critically important that skis are prepared for every day as though preparing for a race. Skis are the tools of our sport. A properly prepared ski is easier to turn, encourages proper technique, provides consistent response and feedback to the skier, and allows for the maximum development of skills.
For athletes U14 and younger, this daily prep is best done by a parent or a professional. Starting at U14 age, athletes can begin to learn how to sharpen, wax, scrape, and brush skis. By U16 age athletes have the dexterity, attention to detail, and strength to assume the responsibility of maintaining their equipment full time.

Additional detailed equipment set-up and maintenance information with recommendations for bevel angles and other details is available here:
It is impossible to overstate the importance of properly prepared equipment for every day of skiing.
Colorado Competition Council Gear Sale
The traditional equipment night at Podium Sports will not take place this year. In its place, many equipment suppliers have joined together to offer the Colorado Competition Council Gear Sale in Eagle.  Team Summit Coaches will be on-site on Sunday, October 4th in Eagle to assist you with selections during Team Summit’s assigned times from 11-3.
All participants are required to pre-register in order to reserve one of the limited spots during sale hours.
Find the information attached. To register click here:;
Team Summit Classifieds
New equipment is NOT needed every year. To facilitate the recycling of used equipment, Team Summit hosts a FB classifieds page. This is a great way to buy/sell or exchange used equipment and gear. Please ask to join the group and list any equipment that you’ve outgrown or don’t need any longer: