Athlete of the Month - Forrest Woodard

Forrest ATHLETE OF THE MONTH_Nov 2020 copy 2.png

Team Summit and Podium Sports January Athlete of the Month
Forrest Woodard - Park and Pipe

Forrest joined our team two seasons ago. Forrest’s skiing is top-notch. He has a love and passion for skiing. Forrest is a fierce competitor, with fun as a virtue over competition results. Forrest is engaged at all levels. As a top athlete, other teammates naturally look up to him.  He has grown into a leader and is a team captain. Forrest welcomes our newest athletes to the team with friendship, stoke, and even support on Instagram. Forrest is the athlete always down,” for one more lap”, and is a pleasure to work with. We are excited about your future, Forrey! We know he is just getting started. We are proud to see you win Athlete of the month. Thanks for all the hard work, good times, and team support!

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