Bar Patterns Part 6 - Bent Over Row

Bar Patterns Part 6 - Bent Over Row

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Grasp the bar with a clean grip. This is determined by having your fingers just outside of your shoulders while the bar is resting on the front of your shoulders, like you are setting up for a front squat (this is also called the “rack position”). Begin with the bar hanging in front of your hips and standing with your feet hip width apart. This next piece might sound like an optional step, but it is paramount when it comes to performing the Olympic Lifts properly as we progress into explosive lifting. Hold the bar with a ”hook grip”. This is where your fingers wrap around your thumb and the bar having both your thumb and the bar inside your fist. See the picture below:

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Standing tall with your shoulders pulled back and down onto your spine and your knees slightly bent (do not perform this lift with locked-out knees) tighten your belly muscles. Find a spot on the floor about 6 – 8 feet in front of you. Maintain this focal point throughout the exercise to help keep a flat back and neutral spine at your neck. Begin with your weight through the center of your foot, tip forward while keeping your low back flat. As you tip forward shift your weight towards your heels, but keep your entire foot in contact with the ground. Keep slowly tipping down until the bar is 4 – 6 inches below your knees. The bar may hang about 4 inches in front of your shins. Maintain this posture, especially your flat low back position. At this point use your arms to pull the bar towards your belly button and then back down to the starting position. The focus here is to pinch your shoulder blades back against your spine very tightly. Your low back must stay flat and motionless throughout the entire pattern.

Be sure to perform this movement slowly and keep your belly muscles very tight.