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Bolle Race Details

Good afternoon all,
We had a great morning of training and we think the kids are well prepared for this weekend.

A few things:
Attached is the program for tomorrow. [See Below or Click Here]
The main thing we need from parents is to greet your kids at the finish when they come through.
Give them a high five, hug, whatever.  Let them know you're there and proud of them.
From a logistical/helping perspective:  At the end of the first run, gather your kid(s) and get them in for some food, water, warmth, etc.  Get their clothes on them which should be brought down to the finish by a parent or coach.  GET THEM TO THE START IN TIME FOR 2ND RUN INSPECTION.  We'll take it from there.
Parents aren't allowed in the start area unless asked to by a coach or course official (slipping the course for example).  It is okay and check-in to see if we need anything but try to do it from outside the start enclosure.  We will often need parents help getting clothes to the bottom for athletes.  You CANNOT slip the course while carrying loose clothing.  Clothes in a backpack are okay and preferred anyway.  We have 1 clothing bag that we will fill up and needs to be taken down to the finish area.  Please dump the clothes out in a pile somewhere near the finish and timing board and bring (or send) the bag back to the start.

Remember, only one pair of skis at the start at any point (for U12's and 10's).  And no tuning or tuning benches, etc. up there.  So kids should load the lift with free skis on to slip and inspect and change into race skis at the bottom.  No one should be carrying a pair of skis up the lift with them.  

One last thing: if an athlete goes out and wants to hike up and get in where they went out, they have to do it without impeding the racer coming after them.  If they can't do it, move aside and your run is done.  If a racer is interfered with while on course (i.e. an athlete hiking and not getting out of the way),  or a course worker, etc. they need to pull out of the course, find a race official right away and tell them about it (somebody will have seen it I'm sure).  They should not ski the rest of the course or go through the finish line (go to the outside of the finish, left or right).  The athlete will be given a re-run.

Let any of us know if you have any questions.
See you tomorrow.
Cheers, Wolfy   

[Click here to download the program]