Critical Updates from the Executive Director

A Letter from CB Bechtel

It was thrilling to see snow covering the ground in Summit County this weekend.  For some of our academy programs, we are ten days away from our first on-snow training session.  This is the most beautiful and exciting time of year. 

I have two updates to share with you as we continue sorting out our COVID operations for the season. 

First, is transportation for our Academy athletes.  We will be able to provide limited van transportation from schools on our academy training days. We are trying to provide these days for those with the most critical need.  The best solution for all our athletes in the COVID environment is for individual transportation or carpools.  Your program director in conjunction with Joanna Snyder can help you make connections to provide a carpool or to help you find someone to carpool with. 

Once those options have been exhausted we will be able to transport limited athletes in vans.  There are unavoidable things we must do in order to operate the vans.  First, we have to create physical barriers (plastic sheeting) between each sheet. Next, we will only be able to transport 5 athletes per van.  Athletes using the van will sign up for specific days of the week and be assigned the same seat for the entire season.  Van users will have a verbal symptom check prior to entering the van.  All van users will need to wear a mask while in the van.  The van windows will remain open during transportation.  There are also stringent cleaning protocols that drivers will have to abide by for every use. 

There will be one-day, two-day, and three-day options based on users' school schedules.  The van fees will be $250, $500, and $649 respectively. 

This has been our most difficult decision.  Van transportation is the riskiest thing we do in normal circumstances, let alone with COVID considerations.  In addition, COVID safety measures have increased operating costs, while limited numbers will reduce revenue.  We look forward to being able to return to normal van service in the future, but based on COVID limitations this maximizes our capacity for this season. 

The next piece of news is Breckenridge and Keystone have notified us that our programs and relationship are important to them to protect and build. This is great news for our training this season.  We are meeting with them regularly starting this Friday to move forward with our safety protocols, training requests, and pass products.  It will take a few meetings to get everything in place.  However, this is within the normal time frame of completing our Breckenridge and Keystone operating agreements.  We had made strides in accelerating this process over the last few seasons.  Due to COVID, it wasn't the right year to move forwards in an accelerated time frame.  Our apologies for the uncertainty this has caused. 

Team Summit passes and reservations are only available for our registered athletes and coaches.  We do not have the ability to offer special passes or to make reservations for parents and other family members.  Using your priority reservation days and being prepared to reserve additional days at the first opportunity will be the best opportunity for family members to get your days on the mountain. 

It is an exciting time to be part of Team Summit as we enter the final stages of preparation for the season.  Later this week you will receive a newsletter with critical information about orientation, jacket pick-up, the 40th Annual Ski Ball, and other important fundraisers.  So make sure to read it in detail. 

I Love This Sport!

C.B. Bechtel
Team Summit Colorado - Executive Director;
tel:(970) 968-3080

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." - Steve Prefontaine