Executive Director Updates - November 7th, 2020

Updates from the Executive Director

November 7th, 2020

I have two quick updates for you this morning. I was waiting for some additional details so the information would be more complete, but rather than continue waiting I thought it would be better to give you what we know and provide additional details as they are complete. 

First, is the Team Summit Epic passes. We are on track to provide everyone your Team Summit Epic pass vouchers between November 15 and 30. You will receive your voucher by email from Lili when she receives them. Please don't contact her on the 15th to try to expedite your voucher. She has over 700 vouchers that she has to process. Lili is has a very thorough system for efficiently processing the vouchers and it will happen faster if she can work through her system without interruption. 

How will our Epic passes work? First, the passes will come preloaded with reservations for all of your training days at Keystone and Breckenridge. 

You will need to make reservations for days you wish to ski, that are not your regular training days. 

All Team Summit passes will have the same 7 early season priority days between now and December 8. Then an additional 7 regular season priority days from December 8 until the season ends. But if you use just one of your early season priority days prior to December 8, the additional 6 early season days will transfer to your regular season allotment. This ups your total of regular season priority days to 13. 

The final note on Epic passes, is that there will be blackout days surrounding major holidays on our passes. I was hoping to have the exact date late yesterday but I didn't receive them. As soon as we have that info we will get that info to you. At Team Summit we will adjust our program dates as soon as we have official word on the blackout dates to make sure we offer a full season of training. 

Here is a link to a video explaining the reservation process.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBcf5L8_Qw4&feature=youtu.be

Next, is the parking plan for Copper. The basics of the plan have come together, but we are still working on the logistics. 

The basic way it will work is that Team Summit will collect license plate numbers for the vehicle you will drive to training. We will work with Copper Mountain to preload that license plate with a parking reservation for every day you have training at Copper. You will need to make your own reservations on days your athlete does not have training at Copper. 

Lili will contact you well before the Nov. 30 opening day at Copper to get your license plate number and provide you with a cheat sheet of how the process will work. Please understand that you will not be able to transfer your reservation between different vehicles. So be thoughtful in deciding which license plate to register. This is a very generous opportunity for Team Summit families to have this convenience. Please respect this process so we can maintain this opportunity. 

That is all for the critical updates from this week. But as Summit County has moved to Level Orange on the COVID scale, and already has hit the numbers to move to Level Red, it is important to adhere to the CDC recommended guidelines when interacting with Team Summit and beyond. The critical factors are mask-wearing, 6 distancing, and stay home when symptomatic. 

To be clear Team Summit athletes and coaches are required to wear masks from the time they exit their vehicle until they are back in their vehicle. The only exception is when skiing or riding they can pull down their mask as they start down the hill, and pull it back up as they come to a stop. 

It is awesome that our resort partners are being exceptionally accommodating of our needs. I think this reflects that they value us as a partner. 

Please live our unofficial mottos for this 2020-21, "don't be the reason we lose our season," and "shred it don't spread it."

I Love This Sport!

C.B. Bechtel
Team Summit Colorado - Executive Director

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." - Steve Prefontaine

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