The Fred Turner Award

The Hassel Family

The Fred Turner Award

For Outstanding Volunteer Service

The Hassel Family

The Fred Turner Award goes to the Hassel Family for their strong sense of community engagement and commitment to Team Summit.

As the 2020 4th of July Pancake Breakfast was cancelled due to COVID-19, Melissa teamed up with Amanda Kirchner and Cindy Dean to help coordinate and organize a stand in program to successfully raise money for Team Summit’s Scholarship fund.  A source of funding invaluable for many of our families.

Once the season was underway and competitions were scheduled.  The Hassels were one of the first families to sign up to volunteer. Eric would chop away at the landings of the jumps, a crucial, but on popular position.  Melissa would support the organized chaos at the bottom of the course.

Team Hassel takes it upon themselves to remind everyone why volunteerism is the backbone of Team Summit.  They help at fundraisers to support our scholarships.  They help at competitions to keep program and travel costs down for our Freeski families.

While there are several other families who have greatly supported Team Summit, the Hassels serve as a quiet leader to encourage volunteerism, community, and love of the sport.

Fred Turner Award For Outstanding Volunteer Service 

The Fred Turner Award goes to the individual or family with the most volunteer hours and more.

Fred Turner is the local owner of Taco Bell, and was an early participant with the Summit Race Team as a volunteer coach.  Fred went on to become a BOD member and eventual president of the organization,  ushering the SRT to the height of its existence and expertly steering the organization through growth and mergers in the late '90s... all in a volunteer capacity.  Volunteers are the backbone of all the Team  Summit activities and we appreciate every volunteer.



Team Jachimowicz - Thank you for all of your support at Freeski events and your willingness to help on many other projects!  Your experience and energy ensured successful Mogul competitions!

Holly Robinson - Thank you for your help at the Ski Swap, Pop Up Shop, Ski Ball, Event Prep, and more!  Your passion for community and willingness to help and/or provide guidance is invaluable to our Team!