Letter from Alumni


My name is Mikaela Matthews and I am a current member of the US Freestyle Ski Team. I was also a member of Team Summit Freestyle for nearly ten years and I have no doubt that Team Summit and its staff has helped shape me into the individual and the athlete that I am today.

I joined Team Summit Freestyle at the age of eight and was coached by Chris Carson. Chris taught me more than simply how to execute a technical turn he also taught me discipline, commitment, but most importantly, a love for the sport of skiing. These were the skills that I used to make the US Ski Team at the young age of seventeen.

Looking back on my time with Team Summit, I am thankful for the commitment and passion the staff executes on a daily basis. The structured programs include set guidelines and progressions that allow an athlete to achieve
their goals in a safe and efficient manner. These programs include off-snow conditioning and strength training, progressions for acrobatic maneuvers, as well as the components to obtain a technical carving turn. We even did a lot of “crossover” training during which we would run gates with the alpine team, slide some rails with the freeskiers, or ski the steeps with the big mountain crew. All of this helped make me a well-rounded skier. Years later, I still rely on the solid foundation that was built during my time with Team Summit, and I am so thankful to have had such an inspiring coach throughout my formative years.

Thanks, Team Summit!

Mikaela Matthews USFST

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