Preparing For Everything - A Letter from the Executive Director

Preparing for Everything

As we approach the start for the season I am getting more excited every day about what this season will mean. In all of the craziness and changes, we will still have skiing and snowboarding.  And at Team Summit we will do so in a values-based environment with our friends and family.

Team Summit and the ski and snowboard season will be a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively.

Over the last two weeks, the Leadership Team has been meeting for several hours every morning to prepare for the many possible scenarios we could face this season. While we only have one MOU close to being finalized, we are anticipating running our programs in a ‘normal’ manner.  We also know that we are going to have to be flexible and ready to adapt to changes quickly. Here is a bulleted list of things to be prepared for, things we don’t yet know, and things we are working on:



  • We know that when we are outdoors maintaining appropriate distancing and face coverings are manageable and reasonable.
  • We know that we will follow the resort guidelines on lift capacity, which they determine in consultation with state and local health authorities.
  • We know that indoor spaces will be the most difficult to manage this season.  We have some protocols we will implement to support this.
    • Breaks will be planned around slower use times in the lodges. (unless there’s an urgent need).
    • Everyone will be required to bring a packed lunch, snacks, and drinks in their backpack. This helps avoid busy times, shortens indoor stays, and removes many risky contact points.
    • On extremely cold days (10 degrees Fahrenheit or colder) we will have shortened days. This will allow similar on-snow time, but eliminate some break times.  Schedules are being created and will be communicated by Directors and Head Coaches.
    • Athletes will need to arrive dressed and in their boots ready to head up the mountain. This is to avoid congregating in the lodge during busy times.
    • Pick up and drop off will be set up in a manner that allows parents to loop through and drop off kids near a lift so that parents can remain in their vehicle. Of course, if parents are going skiing you can park and bring the athletes to the meeting area as normal.
  • We know that some Comp Programs will have to be flexible on location for the first two weeks based on the resort opening schedules.



  • We know competition schedules are still being developed by the sanctioning bodies.  As soon as those are released Director’s and Head Coaches will provide specifics to our plans.
  • We know all of the governing bodies are focusing on day trips for most comps eliminating most of the need for overnight travel.
  • We know comps requiring an overnight stay Team Summit will operate in ‘family travel’ mode similar to what we have been doing for our summer camps.
  • We know most governing bodies are looking to delay comp season until January for all but high-level comps. In addition, there will likely be fewer comps than in seasons past.
  • We know that registrations and check-in will be virtual.
  • Parents will have to observe outside the competition venue and will not be allowed to congregate in the start and finish areas.
  • Results will be posted virtually.
  • There will not be any award ceremonies.



  • We know there is a need for transportation from school on school days. We are working on our plans and the ability to accommodate that need.
  • We know there are significant restrictions based on public health guidelines that we must adapt.
    • We expect to be limited in the number of people we can transport in one van.
    • We expect to have fewer riders in the vans, but the operating cost will remain the same or increase slightly.
  • We do not know what the school schedules will be for 2nd semester.



  • We know we will have a COVID specific refund policy in place.
    • The Executive Committee, Leadership Team, Finance Committee, and the Board of Directors are meeting weekly to finalize the policy.
    • The target is to have the policy in place by October 1.
  • We know Family Orientation will be a virtual event.
  • We will have a storefront at Copper Mountain in the Snowbridge building for jacket distribution and logo wear sales.
    • This will be open beginning in early November through December 15.
    • You will be notified when the coats have arrived and are ready for pick up.
  • We have a ski swap planned for Breckenridge on October 10 and 11.
  • There will be a 40th Annual Ski Ball on December 5.
    • It will be virtual.
    • We are planning a grab and go meal for 8, so families can host friends in their home.  
    • If you are interested in hosting a dinner and have questions, please email


That is a lot to digest! But I wanted to get the maximum information in place. If you have questions specific to your athlete’s needs please reach out to your Program Director or Head Coach. They will know the specifics.

I am excited for this ski season. In the midst of uncertainty, we know it will snow. The ski resorts will do all they can to make sure when we are on their slopes smiling, laughing, having fun, learning, and developing lifelong friendships and skills.

As things continue to evolve we will pass along critical information and that fastest possible pace.


I Love This Sport!

C.B. Bechtel
Team Summit Colorado - Executive Director;
tel:(970) 968-3080


"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." - Steve Prefontaine


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