Snowboard Updates - January 21st, 2021

Snowboard Updates - January 21st, 2021

We have been working with the Woodward at Copper Team to come up with some spring and Summer Camp options for our snowboarders.  We are expecting to hold spring camp in late April/May.  We are aiming to have that info ready in late February/March.

Woodward put together a great summer camp program for us last year and we are looking to do something similar again this year.  We are planning to run summer camps in July and also planning to have a week, after their normal camps are over, where we can push all the snow into bigger jump lines and bigger rail pads for the higher level snowboarders.  Summer camp info will come out in May.

Spring and Summer Camp info will be coming out much later this year than normal.  I wish I could give everyone firm dates to mark in their calendars.  In this constantly changing environment, we are working with Woodward to have plan a,b,c etc.  When we go to Woodward for summer camp, sign up and payment will be through Team Summit.  If you are planning on going to summer camp please don't sign up through Woodward.  We made something really cool happen last year I am confident we can make it even better this year it is just going to keep requiring flexibility from everyone.


Some contests are coming online and some are still getting canceled.  The most recent cancellations are due to lack of snow, not covid (so that's a little promising).  With all of our Contests this season there is a firm "No Spectating" rule.  If people start to gather outside of the venue (on large line jumps or elsewhere) the contest will get shut down.

National Championships have been canceled for every discipline this season.  Which is unfortunate and also an opportunity to become better competitors.  Learning to balance snowboard time and a contest schedule is a constant learning process for everybody (kids, parents, and coaches).  Having a season where the kids can focus on building skills rather than getting ready for another event is mandatory for every rider every couple of years.  When a kid rises to the top of the USASA field they then move to the Futures field (or the next age group in Big Mountain) and need a year to rebuild their base of tricks to become competitive in Futures.  Once they pull a top 2 in Futures they move to Norams where they will likely not be competitive for a couple seasons and need to build their base again.  Then they move to World Cups and the process starts over again.  This season may be a blessing in disguise for a lot of kids.  Snowboarding should always be fun.  This season we have an opportunity to all become better at taking pressure off of results and have more fun building skills.

If you have questions about which contests would be good opportunities for your kids please contact coaches and head coaches.

Stay tuned for spring and Summer Camp info.  I am excited to see the kids ride next week.

Thank you,