Snowboard Updates - January 31, 2020


Snowboard Updates - January 31, 2020

Hey Team,

Contest season is about to get rolling.  There will be some ups and downs over the next 5-6 weeks.  It is difficult on a team like this because when one kid has a good day it is usually at the expense of a teammate or friend.  In the low times it is easy to blame someone else.  It is important to remember that everyone, coaches, officials, judges, and mountain personal, are out there to help the kids be better snowboarders and better people.  When we are going contest to contest week in and week out we tend to get tunnel vision on the picture that is right in front of us and forget about the long game.  This is where focusing on the three rules becomes so important.   I might be starting to sound like a broken record, but we believe that our three rules of competition will produce crop after crop of great little snowboarders and people.  If you need a refresher here are the three rules.


1. Snowboarding is FUN

2. Praise the effort more than the result

3. Practice Positive Talk. (don't say don't can't say can't)


Summer Camps


Each week we are putting more stuff up on the Calendars for Summer camps.  If you have any questions about summer camps Myself, Josh, Terri, Mandy, and Rich are all quite knowledgable on the topic.  Summer Camp Dates so far are:


Mt Hood July 6-24th 13 and older

Mt. Hood July 6-20th 10 and older

Airbag August 10-13th

Airbag Sept. 11-13th


Click here for more summer camp info.


Rev Tour


Good luck to all or our snowboarders headed to Rev Tours next week.  Here is a list of the kids headed out to the Contests


Mammoth Slope Style and Big Air NorAm Rev

Karis Stang

Alina Cospolich

Alyssa Moroco

Bodie Heflin


Gore SnowboardX Rev

Jadyn Dalrymple

Deitrich Schroeder

Zion Bethonico



Thank you,