Operational Updates - June 1st, 2020

Operational Updates - June 1st, 2020

Team Summit Families,

As we move into summer there are many questions regarding Team Summit operations. Will we operate? What precautions are we taking to reduce health risk? If I sign up and pay for Team Summit but the resorts don’t open what happens to my money?



Strength and Conditioning
Since early May we have been holding outdoor conditioning sessions. These sessions are done in groups of 10 or less.  Our group size is the combined total of both coaches and athletes. All participants are required to wear a face covering. 6’ spacing is maintained between athletes. We are not using any shared equipment.

Moving into our strength-building phase we will begin weight training near the end of June or early July. These sessions are being designed to take place outdoors, in small groups, each athlete having their own fully equipped station to eliminate the sharing of equipment. The station will be set up outdoors each day and wiped down with a sanitizing solution. At the end of each session, they will be wiped down before the next group comes in for training. At the end of the day, the equipment will be securely stored until the next training.

We have created an operational plan to return to training in our Clubhouse when the environmental conditions allow that to happen. You can read the operational plan for when the Clubhouse opens by visiting our FAQ page.


On-Snow Training
In addition to strength and conditioning, we will be returning to snow soon. Perhaps as early as June 3. In conjunction with our resort partners and following county guidelines we have created an in-depth training protocol. That can be found by visiting our FAQ Page. We are fortunate to be part of sports that are individual in nature and where we generally wear face-coverings every day. With some additional precautionary measures listed in the On-Snow Operational Plan we look forward to getting back on snow soon.


Travel Camps
At this time we are approaching travel camps with extra caution. Maintaining safety measures in training is manageable. But the risk increases exponentially when we start traveling together in vans, living in shared accommodations, and sharing meals.

Our focus at this time is to maximize local training to eliminate the need for housing and van travel. As summer progresses we will offer camp opportunities as conditions allow.


MTB Training
Our MTB group is ready to begin training in mid-June. Landon is finalizing the operational plan for the MTB training. That plan will be shared with registered athletes and posted on our website as soon as it is approved.


More than ever we need the support of parents in maintaining a positive training environment. The operational plans we put in place are for the safety of our athletes and staff. Without these plans, we would not be able to offer training. As you are speaking with your athletes, help them to have a positive mindset regarding some of the inconveniences related to training in a COVID world.

In addition, parents should make every effort to remain in their vehicle when dropping off and picking up your athletes from training. If you must exit your vehicle you must wear a mask and maintain 6’ social distancing from everyone except your athlete.


As we move into our 2020-2021 season Team Summit is prepared to offer our full slate of programs.  Many are concerned about signing up and paying tuition for programs. The Team Summit Board of Directors has established a temporary policy allowing for a full refund of tuition prior to October 15. This allows everyone to register and begin paying for the season without risk until October 15.

During this time a committee from the board is working on a refund policy if the season is interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
You can find the full financial policy in the Membership Guidelines under documents in your Team Summit online account or click here to view them online. 


In our quickly evolving world, Team Summit is committed to our Vision, Mission, and Values

Elevating Youth

We are a youth development organization empowering our athletes/ to realize and celebrate their personal podiums through athletics, education, and life skills by participating in innovative programming at our world-class venues.

Core Values

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