Team Summit's At-Home Workout Series - Week 1

Team Summit's At-Home Workout Series

Hey Team Summit families,

While many of us are staying at home, Team Summit will be putting out 3 workouts per week to help you keep moving. The workouts will utilize little or no special equipment, just an open area in any room.  As athletes, we understand how difficult it is for you to sit still.

Please remember to warm up for at least 5 minutes prior to each exercise session. Drink plenty of water throughout each day and eat nutritious meals.  When we get past this time you will be ready to hit the ground running!

Week 1     |    Day 1

4 rounds, rest 1 minute between each round

-Body Weight Squats     x30

-Push-ups    x8-10

-Prone Hip Extensions     x20

-Reach Crunch     x20

-Hover [Plank] 1 min

Week 1     |    Day 2

- Overhead squat   5x10
  [use a broom handle or ski pole]

Followed by:  
4 rounds, rest 45 seconds between rounds

- Inch worm             x5

- Chair dips             x10

- Forward lunges    x20

Week 1     |    Day 3

Each exercise AMAP for 30 seconds, then switch

Continuous for 20 minutes >> yes that’s 8 rounds

-Mt Climbers

-Jumping Jacks

-Split Jumps

-Reverse Curl Ups

-Plank with Shoulder Taps