Updates from the Executive Director


Updates from the Executive Director

October 28th, 2020

It is an exciting time of year as the cold and natural snow have us poised to begin our on-snow training.  This is what we work for and we are ready.

  • Keep in mind as you read this that we are moving as fast as possible to finalize our operations, but delays in the creation of state and county health guidelines delay our resort partners ability to create their COVID related operating plans, which delays the ability of our governing bodies to schedule competitions, which delays some of our planning.
  • I can tell you that at least once per week, often more, I am speaking with all of our resort partners, all of our governing bodies, our county health department, Summit County School District,
  •  and the National Ski Area Association. If there is a Zoom champion award I am in the running for the gold medal.  We are at the front of the line for getting the most current information. 
  • Everyone in Team Summit and all of our partners is anxious to finalize details and investing most of our time in getting there. 
  • Team Summit has stolen and adopted the new word 'flexipants'. Wearing our 'flexipants' every day will be key to having a positive experience this season.  Things will change during this season. 
  • In addition to delays related to COVID, we are also experiencing delays related to the warm fall and the impact that has had on snowmaking.  2020 just keeps on giving.  We have had a few colder days this week, but it warms up again tomorrow.  Highs will be pushing 60 degrees all the way through next Wednesday.  We need colder weather. 

Here are some updates related to how we will be operating in the COVID environment this season. 

Arapahoe Basin:
One change is this season Team Summit A-Basin passes are only available to athletes and coaches who have Arapahoe Basin as the home mountain for their program.  This includes Intro and Devo program athletes signed up for A-Basin as their home mountain, Big Mountain, and Mogul programs.  A-Basin does not require reservations for season pass holders.  This applies to our athletes and coaches with Team Summit A-Basin passes.  Pass vouchers are being processed and will be available soon.  Academy athletes will receive those from your coach.  All others will have those available when you pick up your coat. 

Copper Mountain:
Every athlete is eligible for a Team Summit Copper pass.  We are in the process of distributing your pass voucher with priority on comp programs.  Copper does not require reservations to be on the mountain.  However, they are planning a parking reservations system.  There will be a Team Summit parking plan so we don't get shut out of training because we can't find parking, but they haven't finalized those details.  Copper is also cranking out snow as fast as mother nature allows.  They want to get all of our academy athletes on-snow asap, but they need more terrain. 

Keystone & Breckenridge:
We have submitted all of our training plans to our Vail Resorts partners.  Reservations will not be necessary for athletes and coaches.  We are hustling to get all of our training calendars up-to-date before November 6th.  That is the date Vail Resorts has indicated pass holders can make their preseason and priority day reservations.  So parents can be ready to reserve your days to align with your athlete's training.  Team Summit pass products will be developed in early November and emailed to each member when we receive the voucher numbers.  Every Team Summit athlete is eligible for a discounted Epic Local pass.  This is actually the norm for Keystone and Breck.  We typically don't receive our passes until the last week of November or the first week of December.  It is based on how much terrain they are able to open.  There is nothing Team Summit can do to speed up that process. 

General Info: 

  • Family orientation will be done virtually on the morning of November 14.  We have a great program in process, as well as breakout sessions for each program.  You will receive login information a few days prior to the event. Make sure to keep that morning open.
  • Coat pick up will be in our pop up store in Snowbridge Square at Copper Mountain.  You will be notified when that is open.  We are hoping for November 7.  Coats have been shipped and we need a couple of days to organize them when they arrive.  We will also have lots of logo wear you can buy when you are picking up your coat.  You can always purchase online as well by visiting: https://team-summit-colorado.square.site
  • Be prepared to boot up and dress in your car at all of our mountains this season. 
  • This is the year to overdress for warmth and dress in layers that can easily be adjusted. 
  • Heated boots, socks, gloves, and other items are a great idea.  Having hand warms and extra dry gloves are also a great idea.  These go into your backpack with your lunch. 
  • Intro and Devo head coaches are working together to create plans for keeping the younger kids warm with limited lodge access.  This is our single biggest challenge and the place where we will most need our 'flexipants'.  I anticipate a 3 level plan based on the forecast temperature.  We will have this ready for family orientation.

The weather will change, the resorts will open and will have a great season.  We can't thank our resort partners enough for making Team Summit a priority in their plans for this season. 

At a recent NSAA meeting, someone said, "don't be the reason we lose our season."  Everyone's goal is to get the resorts open and keep them open.  As we all do our part to follow CDC guidelines we can minimize the spread of COVID and have a great winter at Team Summit. 

I Love This Sport,

C.B. Bechtel
Team Summit Colorado - Executive Director
tel:(970) 968-3080

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." - Steve Prefontaine

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