What is Skimo?

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What is Skimo?
Skimo is an abbreviation of Ski Mountaineering.  The sport encompasses nearly every style of skiing out there.  Athletes race not only uphill, but also downhill.  Think backcountry ski touring, mixed with a downhill race.

Why should I register?
Like the rest of the disciplines in Team Summit Colorado, the Skimo program is aimed both at those looking to explore the competitive Skimo world, as well as improve their current standings.
Jaime Brede, Skimo Head Coach with 20 years of competing and coaching experience, knows that fun is just as important as progression.   As Skimo grows in Summit County, Team Summit aims to provide the best possible experience and provide a competitive edge for all.

When is the program?
The program will be offered on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays across our partner resorts.
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Visit teamsummit.org/freeski for details.