Joel Daley
Portland, Maine
Year Started with Team Summit Colorado
What are your Ski/Snowboard Accomplishments? 
I started skiing 22 years ago at Sugarloaf/USA in the western mountains of Maine. Attended the University of Maine Farmington, majoring in Outdoor Recreation Business Administration. Over the past eight years I’ve coached a variety of programs in Maine and Colorado. These include Bubblecuffers, Anti-Gravity Center, Carrabassett Valley Academy Freestyle Weekend Program, Woodward Copper and currently Team Summit Colorado Park and Pipe.
What is an interesting fact about you that no one else knows?
As a grom I fractured both my left and right legs… Six years I exploded my collar bone into five pieces. Grateful my doctor enjoys jigsaw puzzles
What is your favorite thing about Team Summit Colorado?
Our Park and Pipe athlete’s achieve ‘personal podiums’ on and off the snow. Success during competitions is a bonus compared to general skill development gained during the journey. An athletes positive self image could be found landing their first double on trampoline, dropping in switch on foam pit ramps or their first away trip to Mt Hood with teammates. Team Summit success is open ended!
What is your favorite quote?
When you come to a fork in the road, take it! ~Yogi Berra

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