It takes a village.

Your support for our events and operations are critical for Team Summit Colorado to keep program costs down.  TSC hosted events are especially important because they are an essential source of income, and they keep our athletes feeling at home and competing in a familiar environment. It takes a village to operate this team, and we need your help.


How to Volunteer (PDF)

Volunteer Service Fee(VSF) Hours Requirement
All Intro/101 programs: 25 hours for $300 per family
All other programs: 30 hours for $400 per family
Volunteers are essential to our programs. Without our volunteers, we could not execute many of our fundraising and program events.  

There is also no better way to become part of the Team Summit community and meet other families!  Aside from the program tuition cost, there is a Volunteer Service Fee (VSF) deposit.  We ask that each family volunteer for a total of 25/30 hours per family (per the corresponding program) in a year. There is just 1 VSF assessed per family (not per athlete in the program), and you have the entire calendar year to complete the hours (our year starts July 1st and ends the following year on June 30th).  You can volunteer for any event available on the VSF calendar.  Log in to your online account to see volunteer opportunities under the “Volunteer” tab.  We are adding events daily so check back often.  

If you successfully complete your 25/30 hours, you can get a credit for the next season, donate the deposit to TSC, or receive it back if you are leaving the program.  

Make these events GREAT for everyone, volunteer! 

Click on the event you would like to volunteer for. 

All hours apply to the 23/24 Season.

Have Questions? 

Visit our FAQ  

Email our Events Manager 

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