Big Mountain Skiing Update - 11/19 & 11/20 - Our First Weekend!

The time has come for all of us to get on snow!  The academy team has been skiing Copper the last couple of days and there is some good skiing to be had, and so we will kick off our season there!

First Weekend Reminders

Early season weekends can be some of the most hectic ski days we endure, and as such we need to take extra precautions while on the hill.

1)  For many of you this will be your first day on snow for the season.  We have a really long season ahead of us, so take it easy out there.  The first weekend is not the time for 540s, 720s, or certainly any sort of flips.

2) Lift line etiquette is paramount.  Your actions represent about 900 other Team Summit athletes and coaches, in addition to all of our sponsorship partners.  There will be no tolerance for acting out in the lift lines from the coaches standpoint.

3) Time in the lodges is the same as the lift lines.  To echo Chris Carson's sentiments: real skiers bus their own tables.  Lodges are a place to be respectful and clean.

4)  Always ski with your "head on a swivel".  There should be no reason that any of us are the fastest skiers on any run this weekend, and as such you'll need to always be looking around you to ensure your and the other skiers safety.

5) When skiing into the group always stop below the group.  I've witnessed far too many athletes come flying into the group and try to throw on the brakes only to demolish the first couple of skiers standing up hill.

Copper Season Pass

You should have all received an email with instructions to fill out a form, and then a couple days later you will receive your Copper season pass voucher number.  If you're having any issues, please contact Lili ( ASAP to get this sorted out before Saturday.


Before you leave the house make sure you have all of the following essentials:
  1. Skis
  2. Boots
  3. Poles
  4. Helmet
  5. Gloves
  6. Goggles
  7. Ski Pants
  8. Jacket
  9. Buff (neck gaiter)
  10. Pass
  11. Back Protector
  12. Backpack with:
    1. Lunch
    2. Water
    3. Extra layers
It's standard operating procedures to pack your lunch, but if you're going to purchase food please make sure you have money to do so.


  • 9AM means 9AM, not 9:05, not 9:30.  We'll have a fair amount of first day stress to conquer.
11/20 - Copper 9AM to 12PM - 11,12,13 year olds meet @ South side of Eagle BBQ, 14-18 meet at Solitude.
  • Training on Sunday will only be until noon, to allow the coaching staff to further our training.

Sticking to my goal of solidifying groups this year, I believe I finally have a plan.  In orientation I mentioned wanting to have the U12 group operate mildly separately, and I've made a slight adjustment to that.

Athletes that are 11, 12 or 13 (Jagger, Elliot, Matthew, Elizabeth, Colin, Emma, Jack, Bodie, Franklin, Nikolas, Holly, Ben, Breckin, Grey, Rya, Reese, and Maxwell) will be commingled. 

The athletes in a group on any given day may vary slightly, but it's my hope that by the first couple of weekends we will have 2 identifiable groups within this that stay consistent.  Austin and Kieran will be coaching these athletes primarily through the season.  As the season progresses, expect some additional communication from Austin and Kieran in addition to mine.

Athletes that are 14 & 15 years old (Hannah, Hunter, Parker, Collin, Luke, Caroline, Will, Noah, Alexander, Maddie, Huck, Audrey, Jaxon, Riley, Kyle, Finn, Lili, and Thomas) will be commingled.

All communication for this group of athletes will come directly from me.  These athletes will be primarily coached by a mixture of James, Max, Oli, Wade, and myself.

Athletes that are 16, 17, and 18 years old (Kora, Reid, Henry, Rudy, Tanner G, Lauren, Shayna, Evan, Morgan, Tanner H, and Lynn) will be commingled.

Once again, all communication for this group will come directly from me.  The primary coaches for this group will be Max, Oli, Wade, and myself.

Thank you for taking your time reading this email, and see you all Saturday!

Daniel McFadden
Head Big Mountain Coach