Big Mountain Skiing Update - 12/3 & 12/4


Good Afternoon-

December is on the horizon, and so is some snowfall.  Models are looking pretty good for some snow at our local mountains, so hopefully we can step into the upcoming weekend with more terrain!

We will continue with our time at Copper, as I think we've actually had some pretty incredible training opportunities ranging from the park to some limited openings.  We'll be adding a little more to our agenda (more on that below)


  • 12/3 Copper 9AM - 3PM 
    • Austin & Kieran groups meet at base of SuperBee 9AM
    • 14-18 YO meet @ Solitude 9AM
  • 12/4 Copper 9AM-2PM
    • Same meeting places as above

Ski Ball

Team Summit's annual fundraiser is Saturday December 10th at the Keystone Conference Center.  Join us for a great dinner, silent auction, live auction, and a wine pull.

For the first time since I was a young teenager, I'll be attending.  I'd love to see our program represented more this year, so if you're able to attend - please do!

For more information and to purchase tickets (price goes up December 1st), please visit the following link


We're going to help out Copper Ski Patrol and do some sidestepping this weekend.  Our suspected targets will be Enchanted Forest and possible some terrain on the Sierra chair.  Please bring your smiling faces, and give our partners a hand.

Not only does this help our partner resorts, but there's some valuable conditioning to be had.  Listen to directions closely, be respectful of patrol, and enjoy the experience!

Inclusivity & Responsibility

The first few weekends always have their growing pains.  Let's all make sure we're doing our part to welcome the new faces to our program.  Hopefully this is the first, and last time that I need to include this in a weekly email.

This is also your friendly reminder to make sure we are setting the pinnacle example of respectfulness out on the hill.  This means polite behavior in the lift lines, cleanliness in the lodges, and overall just being stellar people.  To echo CB, we are a youth development program - not a youth developed program.  We are all here to learn, get better, and learn from any mistakes that happen along the way.

Drills & Fundamentals

I've noticed some seriously stellar progress on the fundamentals front.  Your (athletes) continued effort is appreciated, and will pay dividends when we get further into our season.  Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

General Mountain Safety

Let's make a point to always be looking uphill this coming weekend.  I witnessed a few too many close calls with some of our athletes and the general public.  I understand that the downhill skier has the right of way, but let's make sure we're going one-step further and that we're always aware of our surroundings.


Please communicate with me prior to missing any training.  It really helps us as a staff keep track of who's here and who isn't.  A simple text or email is all that I ask.

See ya this weekend!

Daniel McFadden
Head Big Mountain Coach