Big Mountain Skiing Update - 1/23-1/29 & Comp Season


We're nearing the end of January somehow.  This is our last week of "normalcy" before things get pretty chaotic, with competition season right around the corner.  We've been hard at work during training, gearing up for the road ahead and putting the finishing touches on most of what we'll be able to bring to the competition season.

It looks like we'll have pretty consistent light snowfall for most of the week, hopefully keeping things soft.  The new snow will bring some additional crowds up the hill, so be prepared.


We'll be moving back to Copper Mountain in preparation for the event(s) over there in the coming weeks.  About 15 of us will be competing in the National event, and about the same in the regional event.  There's some good skiing and training on Three Bears, Sierra, Copper Bowl, and the terrain park.

1/24 Copper - SMS only
1/25 Copper - Normal Academy Schedule
1/27 Copper
1/28 Copper 9 AM-3 PM*
1/29 Copper 9 AM-2 PM*

* All athletes will meet at Solitude at 9:15 AM at Solitude lodge.  The SuperBee chair no longer allows early competitor load at 8:45, so if you'd like to load between 8:45 and 9 AM, you'll need to take American Eagle.

A note about Copper currently

Copper has been busy.  For reference, on Saturday, when I was over there, I waited about 15 minutes of parking traffic from the I70 off-ramp to the Alpine lots at 8:10 AM.  Please leave your houses with ample time to account for the traffic.  Copper is a big mountain, and we'll be separating/departing from Solitude at 9:20 AM. Please, please, please make a concerted effort to be on time. 

Comp Season

For each event, another coach or I will send a dedicated email with logistics for the event.  This will include the competition schedule, meeting locations at any given mountain, and general notes for the event.  As we are not providing team lodging/travel for events other than the Crystal and Kirkwood national events, there are some variables to conquer.  The option to ski the day before the event at any mountain is case-by-case.

We may have a couple of weekends over the next two months when we cannot support training at home due to multiple event conflicts.  I'll provide a two-week notice for these instances, ideally.

For any cancellations, please reach out to me directly first.  From there, I can communicate with RMFS or IFSA (for national events) to figure out the best course of action.

Thanks, and let's have another awesome week!

Daniel McFadden
Head Big Mountain Coach