Big Mountain Update - 1/9-1/15 *WITH WEEKEND TIMES

There's a bit more snow in the forecast.  While the heaviest amounts won't be around our parts, it looks like some of our future destinations will continue to pick up a fair amount of snow.  The skiing is coming around, but there's still plenty of danger.

This past weekend we saw some bigger airs open up, but it's still Colorado in early January.  Please always scope the landings before hitting any airs.  This is the time of year where any injuries likely will result in missing competitions, so let's keep the fuzzy side up out there.


1/10 Tuesday - Copper
1/11 Wednesday - Copper
1/13 Friday - Abasin
1/14 Saturday - Abasin 9AM-3PM
1/15 Sunday - Abasin 9AM-2PM

A note for those driving to mid-week training

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we will meet at 12:30.  For copper, this is Center Village.  For Abasin, this is the bottom of Pali.  On Fridays we will meet at 12:45 in the same locations.  Please be on time.

Thank you everybody for a great season thus far!

Daniel McFadden
Head Big Mountain Coach