The Director's Award - Kathy Stang


The Director's Award

For Outstanding Board Member 

Kathy Stang

It is always difficult to select one board member for an award because our board is exceptional in its support of Team Summit. But over the years Kathy Stang has quietly been serving the needs of Team Summit in behind the scenes ways, that have a huge impact.

When I [CB] first think of Kathy I picture her on a cold snowy first Saturday of December, working to set up, monitor, and tear down the Ski Ball. The Ski Ball is our marque event and Kathy’s efforts make that event a reality.

The other thing we often lean on Kathy for is her Human Resources expertise. Whether we need guidance on handling an HR situation or help in developing our staff handbook and policy, Kathy is always there to give us the direction we need.

Thank you Kathy for the generous gift of your time and knowledge in support or Team Summit!

Director’s Award For Outstanding Board Member

Awarded to an outstanding Board Member or individual who has shown outstanding support of the Team and their efforts throughout the season.