The Fred Turner Award

Team Staberg

The Fred Turner Award

For Outstanding Volunteer Service

The Staberg Family

The Stabergs are a great example of families who take their profession, and use it to support their community.

Jason, used his expertise as a contractor to spearhead the Rosener Human Performance Center initiative The end result is a world-class training facility for Team Summit Athletes to conduct strength and conditioning while not on snow.

Delilah immediately jumped at opportunities to be a judge at community events and has been a leader in the Freeski community.

Grace has been traveling the world to compete (successfully) in World Cup SkiMo events and promote the sport.

Christine, is seemingly everywhere supporting the SkiMo and Freeski communities grow.  

While these comments are brief, the Stabergs do so much more and are an integral part of our community.

Thank you Team Staberg for supporting and developing not only our athletes, but sports and community that we all love!


Fred Turner Award For Outstanding Volunteer Service 

The Fred Turner Award goes to the individual or family with the most volunteer hours and more.

Fred Turner is the local owner of Taco Bell, and was an early participant with the Summit Race Team as a volunteer coach.  Fred went on to become a BOD member and eventual president of the organization,  ushering the SRT to the height of its existence and expertly steering the organization through growth and mergers in the late '90s... all in a volunteer capacity.  Volunteers are the backbone of all the Team  Summit activities and we appreciate every volunteer.


Team Garrod - Thank you going above and beyond the required VSF and supporting events to reduce the cost of entry for our sport and our families!

Team Kavanaugh - For always supporting events, whether your athletes were competiting or not.   Thank you for the amazing lunches and MC Kian K experience!

Team Olsen - Thank you for helping spearhead the Summit Gravity Series, and always looking to help both on-hill and off!