The George Hufsmith Award - Liam Pilarowski


George Hufsmith Award

For Love & Passion of the Sport

Liam Pilarowski

The George Hufsmith Award celebrates Love & Passion for the sport.

There is no one who exhibits love and passion for ski racing more than Liam Pilarowski. Having started in the sport more recently than many of his peers and limited in the time he is able to be on snow, Liam maximizes every moment that he is able to train. He truly shows not just a love of the sport but the process of making improvements.

Always taking advantage of each opportunity to ski and utilizing his limited days by taking the maximum number of runs, Liam brings a purpose and focus to his training that allows him to make remarkable progress in his skills. As coaches, we dream of working with athletes like Liam who love what they do, maximize their opportunities and respond positively to input and training.

Congratulations Liam!

George Hufsmith Award for “Love & Passion” for the Sports

George Hufsmith’s wish was for a scholarship to be established in his name to assist Copper Mountain Ski Team athletes who demonstrated his same “love and passion” for the sport. George was once a kid who showed some promise as an elite athlete, but because he lacked resources, he was unable to pursue his dreams. Prior to his death of rare disease, the Club had no knowledge of George, but George knew about the Team because he often skied at Copper Mountain and “loved watching the kids in the red coats training very hard.” His widow established the award in memory of George, and at one time, the award also included a scholarship for summer camps or projects.  This award is presented to one athlete in each discipline who has shown consistent “love and passion” for the sport.

Michael Green
Noah Dipenaar


Liam Pilarowski


Riley Hughes


Zander Davidson