The Mikaela Matthews Award - Evelyn Harris


The Mikaela Matthews

For Excellence in Mogul Skiing

Evelyn Harris

Evelyn Harris has been intensely focused the past few seasons. She has a strong work ethic both at school and in training. Her constant dedication and wonderful demeanor on and off the hill have shown all her coaches that she will go far in Freestyle skiing and beyond.

Evelyn, recently started her journey on the NorAm tour where she is assured to hone her craft even further and move through the ranks.  She is a positive influence on the team through both her focus and supportive personality.  

We all look forward to watching her continued performances as she progresses through her career.

Congratulations Evelyn!

The Mikaela Matthews Award for Excellence in Mogul Skiing

A Team Summit Alumni, Mikaela joined Team Summit when she was 7.  She has always been a very balanced skier, precocious young lady, and mature beyond her years. 
Mikaela was an excellent student who graduated a year early and was one of the youngest skiers on the NorAm Mogul Tour. She worked hard, climbed up the ranks, and competed on the World Cup for 9 years with the US Freestyle Team.  Mikaela, frequently guest coached for Team Summit. She is now married to Silver Medalist, Bryon Wilson, resides in Park City, and continues to give back to the sport as a coach and mentor.

The recipients of this award are a positive, hard-working individual who will go far in Mogul Competitions and life beyond.

Nicole Caves
Jackson True