The Peter Witter Award - Alpine

Liam Pilarowski

The Peter Witter Award

For Outstanding Sportsmanship 

Liam Pilarowski

Liam Pilarowski is the teammate we all wish we had. He is early, prepared and focused at every training session, respectful to both those older and more experienced, as well as, those younger and newer to the program. He is aways there to lend a hand, support his teammates and provide inspiration throuigh his commitment, perseverence and effort. His hard work, sportsmanship and attitude make him a quiet leader among his team.


Peter Witter Award For Outstanding Sportsmanship
This award is presented to 1 athlete in each discipline who has shown a consistently positive attitude towards the Team and the community. Peter Witter was a founding Summit Race Team parent, and architect involved with the initial planning and development of Keystone Resort.  His son, Ian, has a home in Frisco and was himself on the Summit Race Team, as well as "an all-around super nice kid" epitomizing the qualities of Outstanding Sportsmanship.

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